Cameroon – Roasted Chicken With Unripped Plantains

by Wirba Brice Divine Ransinyuy

Chicken is the most eaten of all the different types of meat that exist on earth, just like beef that is globally eaten with no particular exception. Cameroon roasted chicken with uripped plantains is a local cuisine that tells you the history of an emancipated locality. This local cuisine is located in Cameroon.

Cooking method

  1. You will need a half kilo (1/2) of chicken.
  2. You will need a full bottle of groundnut oil
  3. You will need unripped plantains
  4. You will need three big onions
  5. You will need tomatoes
  6. You will need spices, which are a hand full of percil and also a handfull of celeri and also angel secret which is a combination of all spices in a grinded form.
  7. You will need salt to taste and also maggi to taste
  8. You will need a glove of garlics and a three or four gingers.

Let us now move to the cooking after assembling all these.


  1. Start by cleaning and washing your half kilo of chicken removing all dirt and feathers.Now, go on with the boiling. During boiling, make sure to add the angel secret to give it a unique taste, both to the chicken and the boiling water as well.
  2. Beging cleaning the plantains, peel them off and slice in small quantities as desired, then fry. Make sure in the process of frying, it should become too dry. If you do not appreciate this method, you can use this one, boil the unripped plantains instead by putting them into the pot of the boiling chicken and remove them after a period of ten (10) minutes.
  3. After the poulet has boiled enough, remove from fire.
  4. Do the same thing with plantains.
  5. Now proceed in slicing the poulet into small slices as desired.
  6. From here, clean the tomatoes, onions, celeri, percil and cut them into small pieces. Instead of frying the poulet, it shall be roasted, that is start by roasting the poulet, then remove it from the roaster, mix i twill all the spices, tomatoes, onions, percil, celeri and pour into the pot.
  7. Now add in oil and maggi and salt and stir and stir. Add little bit of water.
  8. Allow on fire for a period of two to three minutes. When having done so, remove from fire and serve it when it is hot. When serving yourself, cut the onions and place on your Cameroon roasted chicken with unripped plantains.

Enjoy your Meal in the best manner with a bottle of wine.

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