Cameroon – Roasted Chicken

by Djougwa Kouemo Patricia

Roasted Chicken is chicken that is totally burnt out or betterstill, it has been roasted. Chicken must not only be fried before it can be enjoyed. Roasting chicken can also be a good way to enjoy it. The taste of roasted or burnt chicken is the one of burnt meat. It is not like meat that has been roasted, but like meat that has been burnt. Burning chicken is very good and enjoyable as the process goes by. Still, the taste of burnt chicken taste more like burnt fowl of a bird. At times, some people prefer roasting chicken with all the feathers on it. They say when they roast chicken with their feathers, the taste of the chicken is higher and tastes more than roasting the chicken without their feathers. Others prefer roasting the chicken without their feathers. They enjoy it this way and manner. No matter how it is been done, what is important is that the chicken is being roasted. Roasting chicken is very common among the Batie inhabitants.

Cooking Method

The method used in roasted chicken is roasting by excellence.

Cooking Ingredients

  1. One full chicken
  2. Celery and percil to spice the chicken
  3. Three maggis

Cooking process

  1. If the chicken is to be roasted with the feathers, there is no need to remove the feathers, but if the chicken will be roasted without the feathers, then remove all the feathers.
  2. After removing all the feathers, spice the chicken using the celery, percil and maggi
  3. Spice the chicken by inserting the spices in the chicken, then rubbing it on the chicke.
  4. To better spice the chicken, try to grind the celery and the percil, then mix it with the maggi.
  5. Put a little bit of water when mixing the celery, percil and the maggi
  6. Roast then the chicken after doing it.
  7. Roasting it demands acceptation to inhale the smoke the fire will be producing, but after this, it will be a lot of joy and happiness.
  8. To better roast the chicken try to cut the chicken in small parts. This will make your work easier to carry out and roast conveniently. Though you can still decide to roast the entire chicken. It is all left unto you. The main thing is that the chicken should be roasted out very well and in the best of all ways.
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