Cameroon – Vegetables Food

by Wirba Brice Divine Ransinyuy

Vegetables food is a food that is made up of just vegetables and onions. Vegetables food is a food that is eating for those that do vegan as their choice of food. The taste of this food, vegetables food has the taste of watery watermelon. Yes, the taste is like watery watermelon. The cooking of this food is simple and does not demand much energy and time that is needed to cook. This food is simple, good and important for the body of the human being. Vegetables food can be any type of vegetables that can be used to cook this vegetable. It does not demand a special type of vegetables. Vegetables. Vegetables food is cooked in Nani.

Cooking Method

The cooking method of this food, vegetables food is stewing.

Cooking vegetables food

  1. A bag of vegetables.
  2. One tomato.
  3. One onions.
  4. A little bit of groundnut oil
  5. A glove of garlics

Cooking process

  1. Remove the vegetables from the bag.
  2. Remove the bad vegetable leaves from the good vegetable leaves
  3. Slice and cut the vegetables into small
  4. After slicing the vegetables, wash it.
  5. Boil a pot of water. Let the pot of water be full.
  6. To wash the vegetables, use boiled water and a little bit of salt.
  7. While you are cleaning the vegetables, the pot of water should be put on fire.
  8. Immediately when the water is hot and very hot, you should remove it from fire.
  9. Before washing the vegetable leaves with hot water, first of all, use normal temperature of water. After using the normal temperature water, you can then use the hot water to wash it thoroughly and rinse it afterwards using hot water again.
  10. Remove the peelings of the garlics and slice it in small.
  11. Slice the tomatoes in small halves.
  12. Slice the Onions in small halves.
  13. After slicing the Onions, the tomatoes, the garlics put a little amount of groundnut oil on fire.
  14. Wait for the groundnut oil to steam.
  15. When the groundnut oil has steamed, put the onions, the tomatoes, the garlics in the steaming oil.
  16.  Allow them for like two minutes. After two minutes, put the vegetables in the steaming pot of groundnut oil and other spices.
  17. Pour a water of cup in the food on fire.
  18. While waiting for the food to steam, be checking the pot
  19. Make sure to be checking the pot constantly so that it does not burn out.
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