Cameroon – Sauce Pimenté Avec Porc

by Joella Eve

Sauce pimenté avec porc is a soup that is eaten by drinking. This particular sauce is cooked for the cleansing of the body after drinking alcohol. Since here, people begin drinking alcohol from Friday to Sunday night, there is eventually something they have to take in order get ready for work the next day, Monday when work begins, the first day of the week. It is a very good therapy for alcohol drinkers as he cleanses them and enable them to become ready for the upcoming week work. It is very effective. If you are looking for an alcohol therapy so as to be prepared for the coming week’s work, you have found it at the right time. Still, getting the ingredients us not hard as it can be locally found with stress. Some of the ingredients you already have them without knowing the magic of the ingredients you have at hand. Sauce pimenté avec porc is a meal found that is good apart from helping cleansing and purifying from alcohol. Sauce pimento is cooked in Cameroon.

Cooking method

Sauce pimento with porc is cooked by boiling

Cooking Ingredients

  1. A kilo of Porc. Make sure the porc you are to use should be non-greasy.
  2. Leeks
  3. Two onions
  4. One tomato
  5. Melange de condiment.
  6. Celery and percil should be in great and much quantity
  7. A handul of garlics
  8. A handful of ginger
  9. Half teaspoon of salt
  10. One maggi cube and one maggi crevette.
  11. A small quantity of groundnut oil
  12. Red hot pepper

Cooking process

  1. Divide the porc into smaller parts or better still into shares.
  2. Boil the porc with the use of leeks
  3. Slice the onions.
  4. Slice the tomato
  5. Wash the mélange condiment
  6. Wash the percil and celery
  7. Remove the peelings off the garlics and the ginger
  8. Grind the red pepper, onions, the tomato, the mélange condiment, the percil and the celery along with the garlics and the ginger at the same moment.
  9. Since, the food is being cooked by boiling, put a little quantity of groundnut oil on fire.
  10. Pour the grinded ingredients into the oil on fire.
  11. Do not wait for the ingredients to begin to steam, pour water immediately in the pot, then followed by the porc.
  12. Totally, the sauce pimenté with porc will stay for 10 to 15 minutes on fire.
  13. This time is sufficient and enough for the sauce pimenté with porc to be ready since you are boiling with boiling as a cooking method.
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