Cameroon – Sauce Pistache With Pork

by Wirba Brice Divine Ransinyuy

Sauce pistache is a meal cooked during hot ceremonies like traditional mariages in the French part of Cameroon. Among the sauces being cooked or prepared, this one is the most important one on the long list of meals being prepared as the pork in the food is higly demanded by the invitees to the ceremony. They enjoy eating the pork especially the white part of the meat, that is the greasy part of the meat. At first, it was a ceremony limited to just a tribe, nowadays, it has turned up to be a whole tribal affair, and very soon moving national as there are some tribes interested in the uplifting and cooking of the sauce pistache with pork. A tribal traditional marriage affair will soon turn out to be a national traditional affair. Sauce pistache is being cooked by the Nyalla people in the center region of Cameroon, bothered by the East side of Cameroon and the Far East zones.

Cooking method

The cooking method used in the preparation of sauce pistach with pork is that of frying and stewing

Cooking ingredients

  1. Four cups of raw pistache
  2. Half kilo of pork
  3. Three fresh tomatoes
  4. A glove of garlics
  5. A glove of ginger
  6. A handfull of celeri
  7. A handfull of percil
  8. Half handfull of leeks
  9. One full fresh onions
  10. A handfull of crayfish

Seasoning ingredients

  1. 200 milileter of groundnut oil
  2. Maggi to taste
  3. Salt to taste
  4. Maggi crevette to taste
  5. Red pepper
  6. Yellow pepper

Cooking process

  1. Wash the pork and chop into smaller parts
  2. Using a moulinex grind the raw pistache. Make sure to grind it dry.
  3. Wash the fresh tomatoes and the onions, then chop into smaller parts
  4. Wash the celeri and the percil, then cut it into smaller parts
  5. After the washing and cutting of these ingredients, grind the ingredients together with the use of the moulinex, then put in a clean bowl.
  6. Proceed then the pork. Having washed it and cut into pieces, boil it putting leeks into the pot for it to have taste.
  7. Boil the pork for a period of 45 minutes to one hour time frame on fire.
  8. At times, the duration for it to be fully ready can even reach one houre thirty minutes on fire.
  9. When at last, it is ready, remove from fire and allow it to get cold
  10. When it does becomes cold, pour groundnut oil in the pot and wait for it to become hot. When it does become hot as wanted, fry the pork using a frying spoon.
  11. Make sure to dry the oil from it as pork already has oil on itself.
  12. When you finish frying the pork, go to the next step.
  13. Once more, gather the grinded ingredients together
  14. Pour groundnut oil into the pot and wait for it to steam
  15. When it steams, pour the grinded ingredients into the pot and stir
  16. When it does start to steam, throw into the pot, the grinded pistache and the pork into the pot and close the close for two minutes
  17. After this, open the pot and put in maggi cube and maggi crevette, then salt and crayfish into the pot.
  18. After putting all these stuffs, pour water into the pot like two cups of water is enough.
  19. Close the pot for ten to fifteen minutes.
  20. After this period, remove the pot from fire, your delicious mea lis ready.

NB : This local food can drank empty or still be eaten with plantains, cassava, corn fufu, water fufu and even rice. Depending on each and everyone’s taste and likings.

Enjoy your meal.

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