Ghana – Omo Tuo (Rosaline’s dish)

by Marko Judia

Omo Tuo is a Ghanaian dish that may impress many, because of it’s likeness looking to Fufu. This cuisine is of another kind, made from rice and rounded to a shape that is actually sizable to serve one person fully. In Ghana, rice is produced in almost all it’s cities provided there is agroecological zones, like in Ashanti, Savannah, Volta and Oti.

Rice may work to staple many results, when it comes to Ghanaian dishes, Jollof rice takes the lead if not number one, from the most uses of rice.

This cuisine takes along with it a red color from tomato or the like favors, small peas included, onions and other vegetables to make a taste rapture our buds.

Another kind of rice uses in our Ghanaian dishes is a vegetable rice with meat included. Everyone here likes it, from its simple preparation steps to it’s innermost taste it creates.

It accompanied with a lemon taste to make it more natural from meat smell, and smooth meat for easy chew. You may not notice meat until you actually identify it.

Omo Tuo now, brings another taste from rice, although it may look as much as plain rice with simple cooking steps. Let us cook.


  • 1/2 kg of rice
  • Salt
  • Water

Cooking steps

  • Wash rice well and soak with water for a half an hour.
  • Boil water into a cooking pan until vapor.
  • Add in rice and salt.
  • Make sure water is enough to cover an inch from rice top layer.
  • Boil up for about 20 minutes until all water dries.
  • Smash rice well to make a stiff porridge-like texture.
  • From round (ball) shapes from the rice, big to serve a person.
  • Prepare a side soup to serve with for a better taste. Soup may be of peanut butter or cream soup, chicken vegetable or beef roast, fish roast and salad.

Our simple cuisine from Ghana is well prepared, hence will be served warm. Enjoy with friends and family, it is another sticky point for delicious foods, to bring people close.

Omo Tuo with Chicken soup
Omo Tuo with peanut soup
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