Cameroon – Sauce Pistage and Garri

by Nghonazie Annabel

Sauce postage is a delicious meal which is gotten from egussi. It is eaten with a whole lot of varieties which include; yellow and white garri, ripe and unripe plantains, white yams, yellow yams, coco yams, rice and even fufu corn. Egussi is very expensive and it is not easy to crack, dry and preserve. For this reason most people consider egussi or any dish that will require the addition of egussi to it to be very expensive. Egussi is very common in the south west region of Cameroon and also in the far north region of Cameroon. The people in these localities cultivates egussi mainly for commercial purpose as they themselves hardly cook meals with egussi. Sauce pistage is very delicious and nutritious and on days that a family decides to prepare this meal, the whole family becomes happy and can’t wait to eat. Even though egussi is very expensive, one can still use small quantities just to garnish a meal as the egussi itself rises when cooked.

Cooking method

Sauce pistage is prepared by stewing

Cooking ingredients

  • 2 cups of cracked egussi
  • 5 cups of garri
  • Fresh tomatoes
  • Onions
  • Meat
  • Groundnut oil
  • Garlic
  • Nginja
  • Green spices
  • Green pepper
  • White pepper
  • Leaks
  • Hot pepper
  • Maggi and salt

Cooking process

  • Select egussi to remove stones and sticks which may be mixed in the cracked egussi during the process of sun drying
  • Ground the egussi and mix in a cup of water. Mix the paste well and allow to rise
  • Wash the meat, Boil and keep
  • Slice tomatoes, onions, leaks, some of the green spices, part of the green pepper and keep
  • Peel garlic and nginja, cut the rest of the green spices, leaks and green pepper. Add white pepper to the rest and grind all the spices together
  • Put groundnut oil in in the pot and allow to hot a little
  • Put the sliced tomatoes and onions and stir well
  • Allow the tomatoes and onions to fry well making sure it doesn’t get burnt.
  • When it’s ready, add the egussi paste and stir
  • Add small quantity of water and allow to cook for 15 minutes
  • Add the meat and grind spices to the mixture and stir
  • Also add the stock from the boiled meat and mix.
  • Add maggi and salt and allow the mixture to cook for another 15 minutes
  • Put 3 liters of water in a different pot and allow to boil to 100 degree
  • Add the garri to the water and turn vigorously until its well mix
  • Remove and rape in rappens or just roll it out into small ball forms and put in a flask
  • By this time the sauce pistage is ready
  • Remove and serve in a plate
  • Add the garri in the same plate or in a different plate as you desire

Delicious sauce pistage and garri is ready. Good appetite

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