Cameroon – White Coco Yams With White Groundnut Soup

by Wirba Brice Divine Ransinyuy

White coco yams with white soup is a local cuisine better called whitty whitty due to the white nature it possesses both in the soup and in the compliment, which is the white coco yams. The food is actually very delicious and sweat in the mouth as everything you eat is white in nature. Generally, this meal is cooked when a white event is about to happen, so as to accompany the event. In the event, most often, the invitees are being asked to put on white when coming for the white event. This food is being eaten by all those invited for the party, the big ones as the small ones. They are all asked to partake in the sharing of the food. This local cuisine has its origin back in the Bamileke land, from the Bafang inhabitants. Bafang inhabitants often consider to be in the gateway of two different cultures.

Cooking method

The cooking method used in the preparation of the white coco yams with white soup is that of boiling.

Cooking ingredients

  • Three cups of white groundnut
  • Seven cubes of coco yams
  • Dry fish
  • One cooking spoon of groundnut oil for the coco yams and a half cup of groundnut oil for the groundnut white soup
  • Salt for the coco yams
  • Leeks
  • Garlics
  • Onions
  • Pepper
  • Banana leaves for the tying of the white coco yams

Cooking process of the white groundnut soup

  1. Wash the leeks
  2. Wash the garlics
  3. Wash the onions
  4. Wash the pepper
  5. Slice the leeks and place in a clean bowl
  6. Slice the garlics and place in a clean bowl
  7. Slice the onions and place in a clean bowl
  8. Slice the pepper and place in a clean bowl
  9. After doing all these, gather them together and put into a moulinex, then grind putting a small amount of water so as to facilitate the grinding to be easy.
  10. Then proceed to the groundnut.
  11. Boil the groundnut for a period of thirty minutes
  12. When the groundnut is ready, remove the peelings off the groundnut
  13. After peeling off the peelings of the groundnut, grind the groundnut use a moulinex. After this, put in a clean bowl.
  14. Put a little bit of groundnut oil in the pot
  15. Then throw in the pot, the grinded ingredients, that is leeks, the onions, the garlics, the pepper into the pot
  16. Wait for two minutes, then throw into the pot, the grinded groundnut paste
  17. Pour into the pot a cup of water.
  18. Close the pot for about ten minutes
  19. While waiting, make sure to put in the pot, the dry fish and the maggi with the salt at the same time.
  20. Then close your pot for the ten minutes.
  21. After ten minutes on stay on fire your food is white groundnut soup is ready.

Go next to the cooking of the white coco yams

The white coco yams is cooked by boiling.

Cooking process for the white coco yams

  1. Remove the peelings of the coco yams
  2. Cut the coco yams into small parts, then grater the coco yams using a grater.
  3. After gratering it, put a cooking spoon of groundnut oil into the gratered coco yams
  4. Boil 1 litre of water to be in a lukewarm state
  5. After pour inside the coco yams
  6. After this, tie up the coco yams using banana leaves.
  7. Make sure the pot should already be on fire
  8. Put the tied coco yams with banana leaves into the pot
  9. Then pour a cup of water into the pot.
  10. Close the pot.
  11. After each ten minutes, check the pot to ensure water is still in the pot. If not add in water into the pot.
  12. Close your pot on fire for a period of 1 hour.
  13. After 1 hour, your white coco yams is ready.

Serve your white groundnut soup along the white coco yams, then enjoy your meal.

Enjoy your meal!

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