Cameroon – Rice With Onions and Fried Chicken

by Wirba Brice Divine Ransinyuy

Rice with fried chicken is a common food, but rice with onions and fried chicken is not a common food. It is a plate of food being prepared by people who know the value of the food. This food has started spreading over as the result of its taste. The taste of this food is both natural and succulent. Originally, rice with onions and fried chicken is a meal that was meant for home consumption, but as time went on and passed by, the food left from the homes to restaurants, then to renowned places like in hotels and official ceremonies that gather around the table high personalities of great magnitude. They love eating this local cuisine due to the simplicity it carries on. Rice with onions and fried chicken is a local cuisine highly being prepared in the Center region of Cameroon.

Cooking ingredients

  1. A kilo of rice.
  2. One fresh tomato
  3. Fresh onions
  4. Two and a half chicken
  5. Corri powder
  6. A handful of fresh Celery and percil
  7. Salt
  8. Maggi
  9. Leeks to be used for boiling of the chicken so as to give the chicken odor and taste.
  10. Ground oil

Cooking process

  1. Cut the chicken into small portions
  2. Wash then the chicken after cutting it in small portions.
  3. Boil then the chicken using the leeks to boil it.
  4. When boiling, put a little bit of salt in the pot.
  5. The chicken should stay for about thirty minutes on fire.
  6. After boiling the chicken, you should then fry the chicken.
  7. After this amount of time, remove the food from fire.
  8. Slice the tomato
  9. Do not grind the tomato, just slice it.
  10. After slicing it, pour a little bit of groundnut oil in the pot.
  11. Then followed by the sliced tomato
  12. Then the rice should come next in line.
  13. Make sure to put a little bit of salt and maggi in the rice.
  14. Pour a cup of water in the food.
  15. Close the pot and allow the food on fire for about thirty minutes.
  16. After thirty minutes of stay on fire, remove the food on fire.

This is how rice with onions and fried chicken is being prepared.

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