Cameroon – Yambassa Cow Leg With Hot Pepper

by Wirba Brice Divine Ransinyuy

Yambassa cow leg is a family festival that deals in the strengthening of the legs and the feet of the newly born baby in a hard world that demands stability and strength. This is the reason why the child’s legs are been strengthened and fortified so as not to succomb to any difficulty, but to stand up and face the difficulty with a lot of strength and power at the same time. It is a special moment for the Yambassas. During this festival, family members are often invited to the house of the people organising the ceremony. In few times, family are invited with the permission of the head of family who gives the go aheadin in inviting family friends to this special moment. The symbolism during this day is the fact that the water used in the strengthening and fortification of the child’s leg and feet has to be hot and has to be the one used in the boiling of the cow leg. The cow leg itself is being eaten bey the family members and friends if there are any invited to this festival. This family festival takes place in the evening from 6 PM till 10PM. It is very symbolic and unique to this local village as it is part and parcel of the customs and tradiions of the Yambassa locality. Yambassa locality is a village situated in between the centre region and the west region of Cameroon. It is 500 meter from the main road.

Cooking method

The cooking method of Yambassa cow leg with hot pepper is boiling.

Cooking ingredients

  • Three legs of cow leg meat
  • Half sachet of hot pepper
  • Groundnut oil                             

Seasoning ingredients

  1. Salt to taste

Cooking process of Yambassa cow leg with hot pepper

  1. Was the cow leg meat thoroughly, rinsing it to four to six times
  2. After washing the meat, cut the meat into small partss depending on your desired quantity, whether you want it big or small or it should be medium, depending on you.
  3. After cutting it, proceed to the next most important part which comprises the the ritual and the festival
  4. Boil the cow leg meat putting salt to give it the taste you want.
  5. Boil the meat for a period of one hour, thirty minutes. It has to stay for this long so it could become ready completely and not half way. When it becomes ready, it has to be soft
  6. When the cow leg meat becomes ready, proceed to the preparation of the hot pepper.

Preparation process of the hot pepper

  1. Wash the pepper and slice into small parts.
  2. Using a moulinex, grind the pepper. Make sure to grind it dry. It should not be wet when grinding it, but dry,
  3. After grinding the pepper, put groundnut oil on fire
  4. Throw in the pepper into the oil, then stir.
  5. Put in a little bit of salt and stitr very well.
  6. Close the pot for a period of three minutes.
  7. Having stayed on fire for three minutes, your pepper is ready. Out the pepper unto a small bowl.

Serve your cow leg meat unto a tray and use boiled water for the fortification and strengthening of the leg and foot of the child to render him strong and very fortified.

Enjoy your Yambassa cow leg with hot pepper.

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