Cameroon – Thong Fish Sauce With Sweat Potatoes

by Wirba Brice Divine Ransinyuy

Thong fish sauve with sweat potatoes is a meal coming from the fish type called thong, reason why it is being called thong fish sauce with sweat potatoes. With the use of thong fish, a good meal is being brought out. The main reason behind this meal is because the fish is not fried but instead boiled. The boiling helps in easing the digestion of fish to make it soft and eat it when it is still very fresh. Boiling the fish is not hard, reason why inhabitants of Sanaga love it since it is being cooked using fire wood and not a modern gas cooker. Many believe food is more delicious when being cooked on fire wood than on a gas plate with a gas cooker. Sanaga is a locality in Central and Littoral region of Cameroon, bothered by the River Sanaga.

Cooking method

The cooking method used in cooking Thong fish sauce with sweat potatoes is boiling and stewing.

Cooking ingredients

  1. Thong fish
  2. Three fresh tomatoes
  3. One onions
  4. Poivron
  5. A glove of garlics
  6. A stem of ginger
  7. Five fresh sweat potatoes
  8. Groundnut oil
  9. Salt
  10. Maggi crevette

Cooking process

  1. Remove the dirt from the fish and cut it into small halves
  2. Wash the tomatoes and cut into small halves
  3. Wash the onions and cut into halves
  4. Remove the peelings off the ginger and grind
  5. Remove the peelings off the garlics and grind
  6. Grind the tomatoes and the onions together and join together with grind ginger and the garlics
  7. After this boil the fish for about fifteen minutes.
  8. With fifteen stay on fire, remove the boiled fish.
  9. Pour groundnut oil into the pot
  10. Wait for the groundnut oil to steam.
  11. When it does steam, throw into the pot the grinded ingredients and wait for five minutes. After five minutes, throw into the pot the boiled fish.
  12. Put maggi crevette and salt into the sauce at the same moment,
  13. Allow the food on fire for about five minutes.
  14. After five minutes on fire, your food is ready.
  15. After cooking the sauce, proceed to the sweat potatoes
  16. Remove the peelings of the sweat potatoes, one after the other.
  17. Divide the sweat potatoes into two halves.
  18. Pour water into a clean pot and throw the sweat potatoes into the pot.
  19. Allow the sweat potatoes on fire for a period of thirty minutes
  20. After thirty minutes on stay on fire, remove the sweat potatoes since it is ready. It does not have to stay for so long on fire if not it will become soft as well as it does not have to stay for a short time, if not it will be strong. It just has to be balanced. Thirty minutes on fire will be enough for it to ready.

Firstly, serve the thong sauce, then followed by the sweat potatoes.

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