Cameroon – Yellow Spahgetti With Chicken

by Wirba Brice Divine Ransinyuy

Yellow spaghetti is a type of spaghetti that is very rare from all the existing types of spaghetti. This is because, a yellow ingredient is being added to the spaghetti to make it yellow in colour. The name of the yellow powder is Zam magic produced by the people of Mbam.ddddddgccgxfgxg  The taste of this one is just like fermeted alcohol that has been preserved  over a long period of time. Just like locally made drinks here in Cameroon such as ‘’Tcha’’. This is exactly how the yellow spaghetti is in the mouth, just like fermented alcohol.Yellow spaghetti with chicken is a meal often cooked in the locality of the Mbam, a sub region in Cameroon. They enjoy the food not just because of its taste, but moreso due to the facility it takes in cooking the yellow spaghetto with chicken. When something is highly appreciated, there is no time limit in cooking the food, it can be cooked from morning to evening, especially as it is not hard in cooking.

Cooking Method

The cooking method of yellow spaghetti is by boiling and stewing of the chicken

Cooking ingredients

  • Spaghetti
  • Yellow species (To make the spaghetti yellow)
  • Two ginger
  • A glove of garlics
  • Three fresh tomatoes
  • One big onions
  • A hand full of celeri
  • A hand full of percil
  • One quarter chicken
  • Green spicies
  • Green beans
  • Poivron
  • Poiro

Seasoning ingredients

  • Groundnut oil
  • Maggi to taste
  • Salt to taste
  • Pepper (Optional)

Cooking Process

  1. Wash your one quarter chicken
  2. Cut your one quarter chicken into desired quantities and sizes
  3. Boil the cut chicken using green species to give it a good smell and nice to the mouth.
  4. After doing this, proceed with the frying of the chicken.
  5. Pour groundnut oil on fire.
  6. When the groundnut oil begins to steam, throw in the boiled chicken and begin to fry till it becomes ready. Do the same thing with all the other chicken till it becomes ready.
  7. The next thing to do now is to begin preparing the species.
  8. Begin with tomatoes and onions.
  9. Wash them and slice them into small parts
  10. Proceed to the celeri and percil, wash them, peel them off and cut into smaller sizres.
  11. Do the same thing with green beans.
  12. Make sure not to grind any of these spicies that is the tomatoes, onions, green beans, celeri, percil and the others. Just cut them into small pieces and use them in the cooking.
  13. Having done all of the necessary work, you now have to stew the chicken.
  14. Pour in groundnut oil in the pot. Wait for it to steam for a period of five seconds. After five seconds, throw in the spicies and stir the pot. Stir the pot till the spicies dissolve into the groundnut oil.
  15. When it is the case, throw in the fried chicken into the pot.
  16. Stir the food and pour in a half cup of water. Close the pot and wait for a period of fifteen minutes. After fifteen minutes has passed, open your pot to see if the chicken is ready.
  17. When it is ready, remove pot from fire.

The next thing is to boil your yellow spaghetti.

Boiling your yellow spaghetti is a very easy method.

  1. Pour in water into the pot
  2. When the water begins to boil, throw in the spaghetti into the boiling water
  3. After doing this, throw in the yellow powder into the pot.
  4. Use a spoon of the yellow powder.
  5. Close your pot for a period of thirty minutes.
  6. After thirty minutes, remove your yellow spaghetti from serve and serve yourself.

Enjoy yourself !!!

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