Tanzania – Hehe Dog Soup

by Tanomba Thati

Hehe is among the famous tribe in the country, its famous goes with the history of chief Mtwa Mkwawa who fought intensively with the German colonial soldiers, hence won many fights. There was a secret meal that were given to him and his soldiers, today’s cuisine.

Mkwawa soldiers were given the cuisine (dog blood) to drink before the meal, this was believed to bring high sense of smelling anything from afar, like a dog. Our cuisine will focus on the dog soup.

Tanzania is located in the eastern part of Africa continent, and occupies larger area compare to other east African country bordering it; Kenya from north east, Uganda from north, Rwanda and Burundi to the west side, D.R.C Congo to the south west, Mozambique to the south and Indian ocean to it’s east.

Today cuisine reflect Hehe tribe that found in Iringa region, holding dog dish as their cultural heritage and tribe dish. Dog meat is prepared well and then boiled up with traditional leaves called “Mronge” and served at the table with Ugali or Yam dish.

Family gather at the table to enjoy this meal.

Prepare the ingredients

  • 1kg of dog meat
  • Mronge leaves (3)
  • Lemon leaves (3)
  • Red peppers (3-5)

Cooking steps

  • Clean meat with running water.
  • During Mkwawa time, meat were soaked overnight along with Mronge leaves, but we will boil it with Mronge leaves for 40 minutes.
  • Add lemon leaf and 1 pepper after 40 minutes are over.
  • The dish is normally served with salt aside, but you may cook it along if you like.
  • Serve warm with Yam or bread.
  • Enjoy Hehe tribe famous dish from Tanzania.
Hehe traditional dog meal
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