Mozambique – Grilled Butter Prawns

by Y Shomwi

Mozambique’s prawns are usually roasted with butter mix on top of their backs. This prawn’s meal have save a thousands in the country as they are easy to get when in Mozambique due to their presence as sea food.

Mozambique is located near the sea and most of it’s inhabitants do take part in fishing as their daily pay job, hence you may find even small kids practices fishing at their early 12. Let us prepare this simple cuisine from Mozambique.

Preparation and Cooking

  • Prepare prawns (20 are enough)
  • Remove their antennae and hard rostrum to make an easy cooking and taste.
  • Open their back side using a sharp object like knife, make a shape to receive butter mix.
  • Put into skewer each of them.
  • Prepare garlic, salt, curry powder, food taste, some pepper powder and butter.
  • Mix them well in a clean vessel.
  • Paste the mix in each prawn back.
  • Wrap them with some oil.
  • Put into the oven with 200 *C, observe shell color change to orange, that signals the readiness.

This cuisine can be served with lemon just after cook to enhance taste or as ones favor with a drink especially wine.

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