Mozambique – Baked Sweet Potatoes

by Y Shomwi

In Mozambique, sweet potatoes are highly eaten. There are varieties of cooking styles for this cereals, yet the most taste ones is by baking them either in open flame of by soaking with smoke.

Depending on the type of potato you take to use, methods may differ, there are those potatoes with more dry flour and are such taste more, and those with low flour and they taste a little watery.

Preparation of these best sweet potatoes starts as follows below, welcome.

Preparation and baking process

  • Clean up potatoes, by washing to remove dust.
  • if found in unsafe areas or situations, it’s better to peel their covers.
  • Wash them again and dry them.
  • Prepare the cooker, if you are using charcoal just fire it up and put potatoes in below, yet if you have oven you may bake them as usual.
  • Baking in charcoal may take about 15 up to 30 minutes depending on the heat supplied.
  • When using charcoal you may need to check them after to ensure no excessive burn.
  • Baked potatoes may be eaten with milk, tea, juice or any soup.
  • Enjoy Potato baking lesson from Msumbiji.
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