Uganda – Ugandan Matoke

One of the best dishes in Uganda

By Mabimbi Don

Kampala is a capital city of Uganda, it is where most of various food dishes found, yet Matoke holds it’s quality as a lovable and delicious food.

The dish is mainly made from Banana (special banana) and being mixed with meats and vegetable to bring the more taste of it, yet traditionally it is made with Banana only.

Many people from Uganda do take Matoke as solo meal or with porridge.

We will prepare this cuisine in about 20-30 minutes depending on speed of the cook, also Banana used are the very green and wide shaped ones.



-Five Bananas.
-1/2 goat meat.
-3 Tomatoes.
-1 Carrot.

Cooking steps

  • Cut meat into favourable small pieces, and wash them.
  • You may mix them with curry powder or any ingredient you like.
  • Fry them a little with oil to make them dry.
  • Peel off Bananas and cut into pieces you like.
  • Wash Tomatoes and cut them in pieces, put them on the same pot or pan with Bananas
  • Wash carrot and cut small cubed pieces direct into the pot or pan with Bananas.
  • Add salt and oil, add some water to fully cover Bananas with 1/2 inch.
  • Put the pot or pan into heat and boil the mix for 15-20 minutes. Be sure Bananas are very soft and smooth.
  • Mix meat into the pot/pan containing Matoke and mix them slowly with wooden cooking spoon.
  • Boil for more 3-4 minutes, after the time remove from heat.
  • The cuisine is ready for meal, enjoy with family or friends.
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