Egypt – Shakshouka

by Anaa Rajpoot

Shakshouka is the best and most famous breakfast which consists of poached eggs. This is a very healthy breakfast of Egypt. You can add different vegetables to it. Poached eggs are the main ingredient of this breakfast but there are few more ingredients that are compulsory for this like tomatoes, onions, garlic, and few spices. The which is used in this is called PEPPER SAUCE. This sauce is very famous and the breakfast is incomplete without this.

Shakshouka is a popular dish from the Middle East and North Africa to the Ottoman Empire. You can find it in Libya and Tunisia. If Italy had an “egg-laying” or Turkish model, it would be the staple food in Israel. All these flavors are the same. The concept of a coach is very simple. Squeezed from the western egg into soft tomato sauce, this sauce is called matbucha. Similar preparations are underway around the world. the popular Italian dish includes ‘egg laying’, which is slightly different from Italian food. It is often mixed with a mixture of substances. Tomato sauce provides a deep and strong tomato flavor. It tastes like boiling in an oven.

You can variate the recipe according to your taste and this dish is made with different varieties of recipes. Different regions add different varieties of ingredients like lemon, sheep milk, harrisa, merguez, lamb mince. In Tunisia they add potatoes to the dish.


There are different varieties of recipes to make SHAKSHOUKA. Different countries made this dish with their own recipe.


In Tunisia, SHASHAUKA is made with potatoes. The main ingredient in tunisia is potato and then they follow further recipe. They also add courgettes  and beans in their recipe. Benas are different kinds. If you follow this type of recipe then it is up to you which type of thing you want.


In Turkey, they made shakshauka with different recipe. They scramble the eggs in the dish so it can not be like the fresh one. They mixed all the things just like the sauce or gravy. Their shakshauka is like the curry.


Andausian is the very famous cuisine, In their cuisine shakshauka is known as huevos a la flamenco. Their recipe is the resemblance of their two cusisne which is serrano ham and chorizo.


In Italy, their cuisines are called Italian cuisine. In Italian cusine, shakshauka is present with another name which is uova in purgatorio. Their recipe is almost same but they add cheese in it. Cheese made this dish more heavy and healthy but fatty.


This dish start in the era of OTTOMAN. They called this dish saksuka. The jews of OTTOMAN MAGHREB modify this dish by adding vegetables in it like tomato, ginger, onions, etc. Many countries claim that this dish was originated from their country but the actual country is not decided at all. Moroccan, Tunisian, Turkish, Yemeni, they all claim that this dish was originated from their regions.


The meaning of SHAKSHOUKA is “haphazard mixture” and this word comes from the ARABIC LANGUAGE. This dish is named a mixture because it is a very saucy breakfast because it totally depends upon the mixture of different things. The mixture of tomatoes and garlic and onions and all that things are mixed together and then served in the eggs which are poached.


Poached egg is actually a cooked egg which is cooked by different methods like

  • boiling
  • steaming
  • air-frying

egg must be soft, its yok and egg white should be soft and does not cooked too much.


  • bread
  • noodles
  • naan
  • chappati
  • rice
  • boiled rice
  • vegetables
  • sauce
  • ketchup
  • pan cake
  • tea



  • eggs
  • onions
  • ginger
  • garic
  • tomatoes
  • paprika
  • parsley leaves
  • black pepper
  • avocado
  • salt
  • oil
  • sugar 


  • Add oil in the pan.
  • Chopped the onions and add to it.
  • add all the other spices to it.
  • fry them in the oil.
  • Add tomatoes n it and makee it paste.
  • When you think it is ocnverted into the sauce then eggs in it.
  • cracking egg should not be mixed.
  • leave it over the heat for 5 minutes
  • now sprinkle the pepper and serve it.

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