France, Spain – Delightful Dessert Cream Caramel/ flan

by John Thomas


The special yummy caramel cream dessert is originated from the European Countries like France, Spain, Italy, and Portugal. There are many different varieties in Caramelized form. But now I show you how to make a Caramel cream dessert. From the beginning, the caramel is present in almost all restaurants in Europe once said by food historians. Caramelized custard is one of the forms of sweet dessert.  Caramel dessert consists of a layer of caramel sauce and caramel cream which helps it to be sweet and bitter. So, when we talk about caramel, in another word it is also called sugar syrup. For making sugar syrup heat the sugar in a pan turns into caramelized. Caramel cream is the national dessert of Spain, Italy, Portugal, and France. Throughout it is easily available in these countries in supermarkets, bakeries, and restaurants. They used Caramel cream as a sweet dessert. In Spain and different countries like the United States, Caramel cream is also known as Flan, which is a Spanish language word. Like in the Philippines the alternative word of flan is known as “Leche Flan”. In simple words, flan is also a type of Tart. Cream Caramel is a variant of custard with the topping of Caramel sauce. You can easily cook at your own home for your guests or friends by following this recipe. The Cream caramel has three main stages for making it delicious and delightful. These stages are as follows.

Caramel Syrup

Caramel Syrup is the first stage for making Caramel Cream dessert. It is used for every sweet dessert and gives a sweet and bitter taste. Caramel syrup is one of the finest and popular syrups all across the world.

Caramel Crunch and Sauce

Caramel Crunch is the second main step for making a Caramel cream dessert in which the Caramelized sugar syrup is used with roughly chopped almonds. Then use it for crunchy topping on the dessert. While the Caramel syrup is also made with help of Caramelized sugar syrup in which butter and milky cream are added to make it delicious and used as a sauce.

Caramel Cream and Assembled

The last and final main step for Caramel Cream. Caramel cream is basically made with the combination of caramel crunch and caramel sauce in the whipping cream. Then beat it well through a whisker and add all cream into the plastic piping bag. In last, to give a suitable shape assembled all these prepared caramel things and make a delightful combination to make Caramel Cream.

Origin and History

As I said earlier that Caramel Cream is a Caramel dessert and caramel dessert is originated from Spain and France. However, this origin is not exact and it is unclear and unknown who the inventor of the caramel cream is because according to food historians, everyone claims that they are the real inventors of caramel cream. Although according to its name which is in French so many people thoughts that it is originated from France. On the other hand, when the Arabs export a high quantity of sugar cane in Europe the Spanish chef tries to make a sweet custard and then they find this formula to make a sweet and delightful caramel cream. So in short this delightful dessert was invented by the European countries. It is slightly famous in Asian countries too, and in Asian countries, the name of this dessert is also called sweet custard.

Nutritional Aspects

  • Calories: 230 kcal
  • Fat: 9g (18%)
  • Proteins: 6 g (19%)
  • Serving: 6 to 8 pieces


  • Sugar 2 Cups
  •  (Almonds) roughly chopped ½ Cup
  •  (Butter) 2 tbs
  • Cream ½ Cup
  • Whipping cream 250ml


  • Plain sponge cake
  • Caramel sauce
  • Caramel cream

Cooking Method

Sugar Syrup

  • First, take a saucepan to add 2 cups of sugar to it.
  • The flame level should be very low and cook until sugar converts into caramelized and the color turns brown.
  • During cooking stir it 3 to 4 times and your sugar syrup is ready.
  • Set it aside.

For Caramel Crunch

  • Take a half cup of roughly chopped almonds on the plane surface or tray and put half quantity of prepared sugar syrup on it.
  • Let it cool properly.
  • The other half caramelized sugar reserve for after use.
  • Then break caramelized almonds into some pieces and crush them ribaldly. Your caramel crunch is ready.

Caramel Sauce

  • Now take prepared sugar syrup for reheat on low flame.
  • Then add butter and mix well,  cook on medium flame.
  • Let’s turn off the flame and add half a cup of cream into the sugar syrup and whisk it well.
  • Let the mixture cool properly.
  • Your Caramel Sauce is ready.

For Cream Caramel

  • Now take a bowl add whipping cream and beat it well through the whisking machine.
  • Beat it well until it converts into stiff peaks.
  • Then add half the quantity of Caramel Crunch and half would be reserved for later use or garnishment.
  • Then add half the quantity of caramel sauce and the other half for reserve.
  • Take a squeeze bottle and add another half caramel sauce into it for garnishment.
  • Let’s mix it well until well combined.
  • Your delicious caramel cream is ready.


  • For assembling take a plane serving glass tray or bowl set plain sponge cake one by one.
  • Then garnished with caramel sauce by squeezing the bottle.
  • Then add a layer of caramel cream through pipping bag.
  • Now add another layer of plain sponge cake and repeat the same process.
  • Now this time topping with caramel sauce through squeezing bottle on the caramel cream layer (you can make any type of design on it)
  • Now in the last sprinkle caramel crunch on top of the caramel cream.
  • Refrigerate it for 2 hours and serve chilled cream caramel.
  • Serve it to your family or in front of guests as a sweet dessert.
  • Enjoy the dessert.

Time Required

  • COOKING TIME: 45 minutes

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