Ghana – Waakye

by Verdzekov Bernard

Ghana Ghana Ghana. Land of many cuisines. The meal I am about to write is usually very difficult for you to see in a Ghanaian home. It is usually prepared and served in Ghanaian restaurant rather than prepared at home. Though sometimes in some homes, you will see this cuisine being prepared or some Ghanaians that will love to prepare the cuisine at home. Today, after reading this article, you may love to prepare yours. Feel fry. It delicious and heavy. It is also nutritional.


  • 3 cups of rice
  • Black or red beans
  • Salt to taste 
  • Millet stalk leaves
  • Maggi


  • To make your beans cook faster during cooking process and less consume gas or fuel wood, soak the beans overnight. This process will help make the beans soft. 
  • The next day, rinse the beans thoroughly, add keep aside. This process of cooking waakye may be so strange as spices are not used.
  • Put the beans in a pot with your dry millet leaves and heat up. During heating process, the millet leaves will omit its color making the water to have the color of wine. After it has boiled and it is half ready, remove and rinse.
  • Wash your rice with clean fresh water and keep aside. 
  • Put the beans into main cooking pot with the millet leaves. Normally, this is the moment when you add your rice into the beans and stir, add salt to taste and maggi stir well and close pot tightly until rice and beans gets fully ready. Then mix again. 
  • If this process will disturb you, simply boil your rice separate, then cook your beans separate then when they are ready, take and mix. 
  • Normally, the meal is not eating like that. so, don’t be scared. Lol. 
  • Go ahead to prepare your sauce or stew you will use to eat your waakye. 
  • To prepare your stew, slice your tomatoes and onions and keep aside. Blend your garlics. 
  • Slice your meat, wash boil and keep aside. 
  • Blend some of your tomatoes and onions and keep aside. Don’t blend all of it. 
  • Stand your main cooking pot on the gas, heat your vegetable oil and fry your tomatoes and onions.  Add your blend onions and tomatoes and fry. Add your blend garlics and stir well. 
  • Add your meat stock and stir well. Add salt to taste and Maggi and stir well. Close pot for about 5min open and add your meat and stir. Close pot for about 10-15min, remove and serve with your waakye. 
  • Serve with any other accompaniment of your choice as seen in the picture above. 


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