Hong Kong (China) – Pineapple Bread

by Shehroz Gill


Pineapple bread is one of the famous bread of Hong Kong which is available in every bakery of Hong Kong. This is not just a simple bread but it has some special ingredients which made it very unique and tasty as well. We think that pineapple is necessary in this bread but it is not. We can make it without pineapple as well or we can use any other fruits in the place of pineapple.

This is so tasty because the crust of the bread is so crispy and the inner part is so soft that just melts in your mouth. We can also call them ” PINEAPPLE BUN “. Every person wants it with teat in the breakfast or in the evening with tea We can enjoy this bun or bread in the evening whenever we are craving. This is so simple to make at home because we just required few ingredients and we just made it. this is famous all over the world.

Many countries like India, Pakistan, Indonesia, Bangladesh, etc modify it and present another one like this food. But no one can beat the taste of this bun or bread which is full of taste and love. They use different things like butter, cheese, or something else but not like the equal quantity of these ingredients because they are not the inventor of this dish.


This dish is originated from Hong Kong and the first made in Tai Kung Bakery



  • flour
  • egg
  • yeast
  • cream
  • milk
  • sugar
  • salt
  • butter
  • Baking powder
  • oil


  • take a bowl, add flour to it.
  • Now add water to it slowly and knead it.
  • You have to add sugar and salt to it as well to knead it.
  • now add yeast in it to swell the dough.
  • knead it well and then leave it for 3 hours in a fridge.
  • After this make balls of that dough.
  • roll the dough balls and make the shape of chappati.
  • Now add butter to the other pan.
  • add sugar in it.
  • cook this on medium heat and make a paste.
  • add this paste to the dough.
  • now bake it.






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