Kenya – Swahili Pilau

By David Ndichu


Swahili pilau is a dish that has its origin from the Coastal region of Kenya. The Coastal people of Kenya have adapted the culture of spicing their food; which was a culture inherited from the Arabs traders who visited the East African coast very many years ago. With them they introduced spices such as cloves, saffron, black peppers, cardamom and cumin which are some of the ingredients used to prepare Swahili pilau. Therefore, Swahili pilau is a type of pilau cuisine that has a lot of spices.

Because the main ingredients of Swahili pilau are spices, thus this makes it a very unique and popular dish among all the pilau dishes. The uniqueness and popularity is that it produces a strong intoxicating aroma compared to other pilau dishes. The Swahili pilau and Masala have been ranked to be the best pilau dishes in Kenya due to their great of spices.


Ingredients needed

Spray rice dish which consists of black pepper, cardamoms, cinnamons and Cumin seeds 1. 1 ginger piece 2. Half a garlic 3. 1 coriander 4. 1 large red onion chopped 5. 3 large tomatoes diced 6. 1/2 Kg beef meat diced 7. 2 glasses Biryani rice 8. Cooking oil 9. Salt 10. Clean water


  1. To begin with of all, wash your hands and pat dry.
  2. Separate the spray rice dish fixings and take the cumin seeds and put them in a skillet and spot them on the fire for a moment as you mix and afterward expel them from the container and put them in a mortar. Strip the garlic cloves and put them in a similar mortar and pulverize them together with the cumin seeds.
  3. Clean the meat and bubble it in a clean sufuria until it mellow. At that point place this sufuria with the meat on the fire and include one serving spoonful of oil. After the oil warms up, put your hacked onions and mix until they turn dark colored
  4. At that point include your squashed cumin seeds and garlic blend just as the coriander and ginger, then keep on mixing.
  5. Put in the remainder of the spray rice dish ingredients and mix also. Put the diced tomatoes and add salt to taste. Spread the sufuria utilizing a cover and let it stew.
  6. At the point when the tomatoes have well cooked, add 4 glasses of water and spread once more.
  7. At the point when the blend bubbles, include your very much washed Biryani rice and mix at that point spread utilizing a cover and cook until the Pilau is prepared.
  8. The Swahili Pilau is ready to serve. The Swahili Pilau is best served with some chilli sauce, salad and a banana to the side.
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