Malawi – Fried Cassava Palm (Kondowole)

By Tanomba Thati

Kondowole is a kind of food that mixes people in case of differentiating it with Nsima (stiff porridge) because both are from the like flour where by Nsima is made from Maize flour while Kondowole is made from Cassava flour.

Today we will prepare Kondowole and fry them so that they give a better taste than sticky boiled ones. Remember that we use the same ingredient that is Cassava flour.

Preparation and Cooking methods

  • First of all, after get the cassava (probably 10 cassava), find a nice and suite place to peel them open.
  • Take them direct into a bucket and be sure to keep your hands clean, so that you won’t be needed to wash them again.
  • Remember to cut into small pieces that can be grinned easily.
  • The next step is to grind them either traditionally (as seen at the picture) or using a machine. The concept of keep using traditional method is because it keeps most of it’s ingredients and sugar.
  • Do the process until it turns to clear flour.
  • Take it away and boil water ready for the next step.
  • Mix them with water just to make a dough like the one for bread.
  • Create some little hand bunch-like shapes to make it easy for frying.
  • Make sure you observe neatness.
  • Fry each of them, they may take from 5-9 minutes to be ready for meal.
  • Make Kachumberi and test your taste buds before they taste you, enjoy the meal.

This cuisine is normally boiled and served, but we have made it more taste by frying it.

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