Nepal – Tongba

by Ananya Fatima

Firstly we are going to all about the pronunciation of Tonga because many people pronounce it in different ways. you have to know about its all pronunciation so you can easily understand it when you visit Nepal. The most common pronunciations are ” Tong-baa “ and “Tum-baa”. These both are very common ways to call.

Now you all thought that what actually this Tongbaa is. Tongbaa is actually a very famous energetic drink of Nepal. It is the alcoholic beverage of Nepal. This drink is especially linked to the limbo people and very important for them religiously and culturally. As you want to know about the Limbu people then I want to tell you that these are the native of Himalaya limbuwan.

About the destination of drinking tongbaa is “TAPLEJUNG”.

Tongbaa is religiously attached to the people of tongbaa as they offer tongbaa to every guest because this is the symbol of RESPECT. This is the most important drink of every festival and occasion.

Tongbaa is the millet based alcoholic beverages of Nepal.


Limbu people are the native of HIMALAYA LIMBUWAN. They are Himalians and also called them “yakthung. Limbu people are not only found Himalaya but also a small number of people who lived in some other places like SIKKIM, BHUTAN, KALINGPOM, etc.


Tongbaa is the symbol of RESPECT for LIMBU PEOPLE and they offer it to every guest as the respect.


Millet is actually the small seeded grass, cereal crops or grains. This is the most important human food.

Millets are very important crops in some countries like Nigeria, Mali, India, or many others in Asia and Africa.


Tongbaa‘s taste is very sweet and sour because of yeast in it and also fermented. This is the alcoholic drink.


The famous drink of sikkim is “TONGBAA“.



  • Millets
  • Yeast


  • Take grains of millet and cook them.
  • Now cool them for further procedure.
  • Wooden bamboo basket is very important in this procedure because you have to put the millet grains in it and then leave to for at least 2 days.
  • Cover the wooden bamboo basket with warm clothes.
  • These millet grains will be fermented in about 15 days so it going to be sweet in taste.
  • When you want to drink this, put water in it and mix it for 5 minutes and then drink it.
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