Cameroon – Moino Meat

by Wirba Brice Divine Ransinyuy

Moino meat is meat gotten from a bird species. The bird in question is called moino and it lives in bushy areas and swampy areas. The particular location of Moino is in bushy zones around the house or a nearby bush. What is particular about this meat is that it has the taste of wild meat and comes out of its hiding place, only when it wants to drink water. If not of this, it shall be quite difficult to catch this bird that lives mostly in hidden areas, mostly in zones where there is grass, but has a difficult level of accessibility due to the fact that the grass is surrounded by water. Despite this, it has not discouraged individuals to go after it. For some, it is a way of living and it is through this, they can feed their families. The eating of moino is well spreaded in the locality of Ndé and it has become a substitute of chicken which is at times too expensive for the inhabitants to buy or consume due to lack of money or limited budget they have. Moino meat is a meat type that has spreaded to the other regions and localities of Cameroon, at times becoming the best type of meat some families prefer and enjoy consuming best. They believe, the meat is more natural than consuming the other types of meat. Whereas others, eat Moino meat as a form of discovery of a new type of meat they have never eaten before. Without noticing it, they turn to consume it more and more till it eventually becomes a habit, difficult to separate from.

Cooking ingredients

  1. One quarter moino meat.
  2. One fresh onions
  3. Celery and percil.
  4. One quarter litre of groundnut oil
  5. Three fresh carrots.
  6. Salt for tasting
  7. Maggi to add more taste.
  8. A glove of garlics

Cooking process

  1. Clean the Moino meat
  2. Cut the Moino meat into smaller halves
  3. Boil the Moino meat using salt.
  4. The salt should be enough so that the taste should be balanced.
  5. Since it is a kind of bush meat, the meat should stay for like forty five minutes on fire. At most, it should be for One hour on fire.
  6. When it is ready, remove from fire.
  7. Wash and clean the carrots.
  8. Cut the carrots in small halves.
  9. Wash the percil and the celery.
  10. Slice the percil and celery in small halves.
  11. Slice the Onions in small halves after washing it.
  12. Put groundnut oil on fire.
  13. Wait for the groundnut oil to become hot.
  14. When it is sufficiently hot, throw the celery and percil in the hot groundnut oil, then followed by the carrots.
  15. Allow them in the oil for about one minute.
  16. The next thing that should follow is the Moino meat.
  17. Since the Moino meat had been boiled before for about forty five minutes to one hour, it should no longer stay long on fire.
  18. Put the maggi and salt in the meat on fire.
  19. Pour a little bit of water.
  20. Close the pot.
  21. Allow it on fire for about five minutes.
  22. Within five minutes, remove the Moino meat from fire.
  23. Your Moino meat is ready.

Enjoy your Meal!

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