Nigeria – Afang Soup

by Mimi Joseph

Afang soup is a vegetable soup from Southern and eastern Nigeria. It originates from the Efik people of the Efik kingdom in Cross River State and the Ibibio People of Akwa Ibom. Nigeria is a country with many different traditional dishes, Afang inclusive.

Nigeria is located in the western part of the African continent bordered by Cameroon in its southern part in Cross River, Chad in North-East and Republic of Benin in the Southwestern Nigeria.

Afang soup it has some kinds of styles in it’s preparation recipes. You may find one with full of vegetables, mixed with fish or the other with the mix of meat. This also may depend on the status of the family Afang soup is about to be prepared on.

In other ways this cuisine can be prepared with all the mixes, that are vegetables, fishes and meat at the same time, however meat mix is the common one.

Afang with meat mix is mostly cooked from the Ibibio people. It may includes Kpomo (cow skin), Shaki (beef tripe) or beef it self chopped into small pieces.

In Nigeria, you will find the cuisine prepared in local food points or at home. It is rarely prepared in the big hotels. The cuisine it is very easy to cook, provided the ingredients are fount at ease. Welcome to the recipe for Afang cuisine.

Prepare these

  • Kpomo (Cow Skin)
  • 7 medium pieces of Shaki (beef tripe)
  • 4 bunches of Water leaves
  • 3 cups of pounded/ blended Afang leaves
  • Ground fresh pepper
  • Ground Crayfish
  • Fresh Prawns
  • Beef Stock
  • Seasoning cubes
  • Palm oil
  • Salt


  • Wash meat and other veggies, also the dried fish with hot water and salt to remove all sand particles.
  • Chop beef into 10 pieces.
  • In a cooking pan, cook meat till tender.
  • Add cubes, pepper and salt to taste.
  • Marinate and parboil the fresh prawn and shrimp, and keep aside.
  • Slice the Afang leave, you may use food processor with some water to blend the leaves. Adding the yellow pepper to it while blend will result a better taste.
  • In the cookin pot with meat, add in dried and stock fish, season the mix.
  • Add water, cover the pot and allow to simmer for 10 minutes.
  • Add in the water leave and allow it till the leave gives out its water, then add crayfish, the parboiled prawn and shrimp.
  • Add other seasonings and boil it open.
  • Add the palm oil to the pot. Cook for 5 minutes less.
  • Add the pounded (blended) Afang and stir, and allow to simmer for few minutes.

After these process, our cuisine must be ready. In Nigeria we serve it with Garri or Fufu. Enjoy with family and friens.

Afang with Fufu


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