Cameroon – Hot Taper Taper With Pork

by Joella Eve

Hot taper taper comes about from the hot environment of the city of Douala. In the Nord regions in Cameroon it is typically known for its hot environment, that’s why it is called hot taper taper with cork. It is kind of strange in the ears, but it is an eventuality. Eating taper taper in a hot Saturday evening in a suburb snack bar. This is one of the particularities of this hot life city known for its enjoyments and plenty of festivals.  


  • Kilo of pork
  • tomatoes
  • onions
  • Condiment such as percil and celeri
  • Groundnut oil, good to have a liter of it around you when cooking
  • Special condiment like Arome and epices unique 
  • Poivron de Njombe-Mbeja
  • Ajina Moto
  • Salt
  • Maggi

Start with the most difficult one and the one that demands much of your team, which is the pork. In order to have a complete and nice hot taper taper, make sure the pork should also be at the maximum level.

Wash the pork removing the blood from it, cut it into smaller parts. After washing it, spice with the poivron de Njombe-Mbeja and Ajina Moto before putting it in a pot for boiling. This procedure is called seasoning. After seasoning, put the pork in a pot of water and close the pot. Allow it on fire for about forty-five minutes for it to be boiled very well. Remove from fire when ready.

In the meantime, continue preparing the other spices and tomatoes for the frying. Make sure not to grind the tomatoes or the onions. Some grind it, but to have the best of the meal, slice it into small pieces. Do same with the onions. Sorry for the tears due to the onions, it is the price to pay for the enjoyment at the end.

Having gathered all the spices and onions, tomatoes steam the groundnut and pour all into the oil and stir. Put maggi and salt into the steam spices. After one or less than minute, immediately pour the pork into the pot and stir. Having stirred for some time, remove from fire. The pork is ready. Let us now move to the taper taper.

Begin by slicing the plantains into small sizes to rend the process simple. In this, you do not use groudnut oil. All you use is salt that you sprinkle on the plantains, unto which you place the plantains on a frying pan to perform the maggic. Use a spoon to do the job. Hit the spoon on the plantains while it is getting ready. When one side is ready, turn the other side and do the same process. When both sides are ready, remove from fire and place unto a plate. Do the same over and over until you obtain the desired amount of taper taper.

NB : Taper taper is the process of hitting which is being used as a technique to cook plantains or yams or something else.

This is what you do to have your hot taper taper. It can be eaten with fist and chicken, though this time, it is with  pork that it is being eaten.

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