Pakistan – Namak Paray

by Ayesha Umar

What is traditional cuisine?

  • Traditional cuisine is known as the food which is famous in our city, region, as well as in country.
  • Actually cuisine is the way of cooking anything or method of cooking dishes. Food and dishes is recognized and specialized by its method and according to area. Foods are amazing and special by its method of cooking and by the ingredients that we choose to prepare dish.


Namak Para is also known as nimki brittle or namkeen pare. Tea time is a very fragile and fragile dish. The most popular snack can be found in pastry and tea shops in Pakistan and India. Salt is made from all-purpose flour, and these are the two most common ingredients. Dance launches among Pakistan pastry shops and tea shops. Namak paray can be mixed with flour; it can be different Indian spices. , with coffee, cold drink or in other words, to enjoy the extra flavors use a little raspberry or meatballs. Try it and enjoy!


Calories in wheat flour are 364 in 100 gram of wheat flour. 100 gram of Oil contains 884 calories.

Oil has very good calories. It is very beneficial for health but excess of oil is not good for health.


  • White flour (wheat flour) = 1 cup
  • Oil = 1 table spoon
  • Salt = 1 table spoon
  • Ghee(cooking oil ) for fry


  • First you have to clean wheat flour.
  • Now knead this with water and salt.
  • Now cover it with cool water cloth.
  • Roll that dough with roller and cut in the rectangle shaped which recognized that it is namak parray.
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