Nigeria – Tuwo Masara

by Mimi Joseph

Tuwo masara is another dish from Nigeria, specifically from northern Nigeria. The Hausa–Fulani are the ethnic groups in the northern part of the country, are the most consumers of the cuisine. The Tuwo masara cuisine is of various types depending on the ingredients included. The one we are going to prepare today is from yellow corn flour.

Well let us pass through some of the types;

Among the most known Tuwo, the one from white corn is very popular. It is because of it’s easy of accessibility and also cheapness.

In most of home places you’ll find this kind of Tuwo. In restaurants also you will get your order. The mode of preparation may differ, although they are from same place. Some people like it with cassava mix, while others prefer it just plain as it is.

Tuwo prepared from rice, boiled and rounded over a warm soup, it is called Tuwo Shinkafa.

This cuisine is loved as well because it consist of rice and not flour like the rest. Many of the northern part of Nigeria likes rice, Tuwo Shinkafa will serve it well to these people.

The most important part of this cuisine is that it can be taken as breakfast, lunch or dinner, with coffee or tea, meat roast and vegetables respectively.


  • 1 kg of yellow corn flour
  • 1/4 kg of cassava flour (not necessary)
  • Water

Cooking steps

  • Boil water to evaporation. For 1 kg of flour 1.5 ltr may be enough.
  • Add on top yellow corn flour followed by cassava flour
  • Wait until the mount eruption like feature occurs.
  • Start to stir while mixing water and flour. Repeat this process for at least 5 minutes.
  • Check to see if all water has mixed with flour well, and that there is no small pops with flour.
  • Mix the dough on one side of the pot and pass spoon to remove it at whole.
  • Place into a hotpot or ready plate for meal.
  • Serve with side dish of vegetables or meat stew, enjoy the taste from Nigeria.
Tuwo masara with vegetables
Tuwo masara with fish
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