Ghana – Banku and Tilapia Fish

by Verdzekov Bernard

Jesus Christ fed thousands with fish and bread back then. Today, we eat fish with different accompaniment like fried ripe plantains, bobolo and even banku. Banku is a Ghanaian dish. This dish is usually prepared and serve with roasted tilapia fish. I don’t know why they specified on tilapia fish despite the varieties of different fishes in the rivers, seas and ocean. I want to believe is traditional. Banku can be eating with stew and any other soup of your choice. Follow guide below;


  • Ginger
  • Onions
  • Garlics 
  • Tomatoes (optional)
  • White pepper 
  • Salt to taste 
  • Fresh tomatoes 
  • Fresh pepper 
  • Fresh large tilapia 


  • Scrap the scale off the fish. Normally, you will prepare the fish according to the number of people eating it. But if you are a marketer, that is someone that sells roasted fish for a living, you may have to do so many. We have so many that sell fish for a living in Africa by roasting. 
  • After scrapping of the scales from the fish, cut it open from under and remove the bile from the belly. Open and remove the gills from the head. Rinse well and keep aside. Do this for all the fish. Make sure you cut the caudal fin to be shutter.
  • Prepare your spices you will use to accompany during roasting and eating. Some people will prefer to put theirs in the oven. But I prefer to roast mind. 
  • Blend your ginger and garlics. Add some vegetable oil and stir. 
  • Prepare your grill pan. When charcoal is hot place your fish on the grill pan. Place according to the number you can roast at once and according to the size of your grill pan. 
  • Make sure you are oiling your fish from time to time. Also make sure you turn sides when the other is ready. You have to note that, your charcoal shouldn’t produce flames. It should just be red and hot. 
  • Slice your onions and carrot and keep aside. You will use in serving. 

To prefer your banku,

  • Wash your hands and mash your corn and cassava with some water. Mash until the lumps disappear. Mash and mix until you arrive to a paste. 
  • Stand the pot on the gas and using a wooden spoon, stir continuously until your paste start to thicken.
  • This will get thicker soon and you may need more force to stir. Stir well. if not smooth to your taste, add water and close pot. When the water starts to boil, open and continue mixing process. You will need force to do so. When it is smooth, you arrange the banku to whatever shape you want. Make sure you don’t remove your fish from the grill so that it stays warm.
  • To serve, you may love to add tomatoes but it is optional. Put your sliced onions on one side with slice carrots. Make sure you slice your carrot into very thin slices. 
  • Put at another cunner of your plate your prepared spices. That is, blend ginger and garlics with pepper mixed with vegetable oil.
  • Place your tilapia and banku at one corner and enjoy.

Enjoy Your Meal…

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