Pakistan – Anday Ka Halwa (Eggs Dessert)

by Usama Tariq


Anday ka Halwa or Eggs dessert is a very special traditional sweet dish in Pakistan. It is made with a mixture of some eggs, milk, and some other ingredients. This traditional sweet dish specially made in the winter season. It is one of the delicious sweet dishes in winter. This sweet dish can be served as a breakfast or in such events that in your family like marriage, any festival, family brunch, etc. So, today I will show how to make egg dessert at home in very easy steps. You can make it at your home for your families and loved ones. Follow all these steps that are given below


  • -Cardamom powder ½ tsp
  • -Eggs 6
  • -Ghee ¼ cup
  • -Kewra water or Rose water 1 tsp
  • -Milk 2 cups
  • -Nuts (Raisins, cashew nuts, almonds) as required
  • -Sugar 8 tbs
  • -Yellow food color ¼ tsp

Cooking Method

  • Firstly take a grinder jug.
  • Break all 6 eggs and add them into that jug.
  • Then add ghee as mentioned in ingredients, sugar, 2 cups milk.
  • Now cover the grinder jug and grind these ingredients really well.
  • Blend it well until it well combined.
  • Set aside.
  • Take a medium-size cooking pan and set it under low flame.
  • Then add egg mixture and keep stirring on a constantly low flame until it thickens.
  • Then add yellow food color in it.
  • Also include cardamom powder and mix it really well.
  • Now add raisins, cashew nuts as required, almonds as required.
  • Continuously stirring it until it seems crumbly-like and separates the oil
  • After that add rose water (Arq-e-Kewra) then mix it and cook for 1 minute.

Additional Information

  • Cooking Time: 15 minutes
  • Preparation Time: 10 min
  • Total Time: 25 minutes
  • Taste: sweet
  • Fats: 14g
  • Proteins:12g
  • Calories: 285 kcal

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