Cameroon – Bamoun Vegetables With Ripe Plantains and Meat

by Joella Eve

Bamoun vegetables with ripe plantains and meat is a healthy food. Vegetable is generally known for its enriching effects and its high quality taste. The Bamoun vegetables is of no exception to this. The quality of this vegetable is as high as other vegetables. The Bamoun vegetables is better known for its high texture in the green color. It is a vegetable that is very green and it looks quite appetizing once it has been prepared.  The high quality taste of the Bamoun vegetables is that of the taste of black beans. This soft feeling you feeling when you are chewing the food. The sensation is so nice that you can see yourself eating up all a pot of these vegetables. One of the specifies about this vegetable is that it is being cultivated during the hot season, since in Cameroon, we have the Rainy season and the Dry season. The hot season falls under the dry season, the period that farmers plant this vegetable. It grows well due to the fact that it is being watered three times a day, in the early morning hours of the day, during afternoons and in the evening hours of the day. To have a taste of this rich meal, Bamoun vegetables with ripe plantains and meat, come to Cameroon and enjoy it or cook it yourself following the following procedure.

Cooking method

The cooking method used in preparing Bamoun vegetables with ripe plantains and meat is frying and boiling. The vegetable is fried and the ripe plantains boiled.

Cooking Ingredients

  1. Vegetables
  2. A cup of groundnut oil
  3. Half kilo meat
  4. Fresh Onions
  5. Half bunch of good ripe plantains naturally cultivated.
  6. Have some quantity of salt

Cooking process

Frying process of the Bamoun vegetables

  1. Select the good vegetables from the bad vegetables
  2. At times, there is a mixture between the good vegetables from the bad ones. Having done, cut the vegetables you have selected, the good ones of course.
  3. Proceed to the washing of these vegetables.
  4. Dry off the water from the vegetables.
  5. Boil the vegetables for forty five minutes
  6. Clean the half kilo meat by washing off the animal blood remaining on the meat. Wssh it well so as to remove all the blood from it. Take your time when washing it. It should be diligently and carefully.
  7. Boil then the meat for about thirty minutes. Use some quantity of salt when boiling the meat so as to give it more taste.
  8. Prepare the onions by slicing it.
  9. Since the method that is being used to cook the food is frying, proceed to the frying of the vegetables.
  10. Put groundnut oil on fire.
  11. Allow the groundnut oil to steam well, then put the onions into the pot followed by the vegetables.
  12. Then after this, put a little bit of salt in the food.
  13. Pour a little bit of water like a half cup of water.
  14. The vegetable should be ready in twenty tem times.
  15. This is how the vegetables is being prepared.

Proceed to the boiling of the ripe plantains

  1. Remove the peelings of the ripe plantains.
  2. Wash the ripe plantains.
  3. Boil the ripe plantains.
  4. The boiling time for the ripe plantains is fifteen minutes.

Bonne Degustation!

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