Pakistan – beef OJARI

by Dahiza Umar


OJARI is a word in urdu used to define the outer lining of stomach of eatable animals in Pakistan like goat and cow etc. lining of the stomach (a bovine) used as food in many areas also in Pakistan. It is very traditional dish to made in Pakistan and everyone loved to enjoy this dish as full zeal and zest to admire the authenticity of the Pakistani traditions and food like this unique dish.


OJRI is used in food and cooked in the original authentic way to come out with the delicious and tasty curry served with the small pieces of stomach lining cut in bite size way to eat out easily and curry is full of the taste and juices of the meat so that is not looked and taste like the old traditional curry but come out as unique flavors and the meat taste is totally different from the other ones. We can consume the goat, lamb, cow, buffalo and camel so the OJRI of these animals used to cooed this unique dish in the unique way.

There is no love sincerer than the love of traditional food


This is a type of dish that is not commonly cooked in homes even in any restaurants and any sort of street food to make this food regularly but on the special occasion of eid ul AZHA, when Muslims sacrifices the halal animals like cow goat etc they used to consume every organ of that animal and than this dish is the part of the dinner party of Eid ul AZHA.

Women of the house used to cooked the meat of animal in the very traditional way and men they sacrifice the animal and make meat of that animal at homes and than give that to women to cook the dishes that everyone admire on the dinner and lunch party after eid.


It is said that at the times of subcontinent the ROYALS used to made this dish but it is not clearly said that it is originated from that time or before it but at that time and even after that the traditional method of making this dish is comes with time and now is everyone’s favorite to eat this dish


The time of subcontinent three region used to live together and they have developed each other life styles cooking skills and culture and after their separation many things that remain into the regional traditional like many dishes and cooking method like this dish is included in the national cuisine of all three regions where Muslims lived.


Indian Subcontinent ( Royal Cuisine )


  • Preparation time : 20 minutes
  • Cooking time : 45 minutes
  • Total time : 1 hour


This dish is served with any kind of the bread famous here in Pakistan but is not served here with Rice any sort of rice, bread used to served it with like :

  • Khameeri roti
  • rulami roti
  • rogani naan
  • Pratha etc


The main thing of making ojri is not just cooking but also cleaning of the lining of stomach. The stomach lining has rough surface have furies over it and is not eaten and cooked in Pakistan. To clean the ojri first you have to put the ojri in the hot water with salt for 10 minutes so the outer surface soften and peel off easily. After that with the help of knife clean the outer surface and cut the lining into small bite size pieces. After that just boil these pieces for just 10 minutes by adding 2 tbsp of vinegar to prevent that smell of meat.


  • Cow’s ojri : 1 (cut into small pieces )
  • onions : 2 sliced
  • garlic paste : 4 tbsp
  • ginger paste : 4 tbsp
  • tomatoes : 4 sliced
  • green chilies : 3
  • yogurt : 1 cup
  • salt : 1 tbsp
  • red pepper : 1 tbsp
  • cumin powder : 2 tbsp
  • coriander powder : 2 tbsp
  • fenugreek leaves dried : 4 tbsp
  • oil : 1 cup
  • turmeric powder : 1/2 tsp
  • gram masala : 2 tbsp


  • First of all take onion and oil in a cooking pot and cooked it up until onions get translucent, now add garlic ginger paste with tomatoes and sauted it.
  • When tomatoes releases water add all dried spices into onion mixture and fry it so the spices mixed with onion mixture and water of tomatoes dried out.
  • Now add 4 glasses of water into onion mixture with ojri small pieces.
  • Put this mixture on pressure cooker for 30 minutes and on low heat for 1 hour.
  • See if meat is cooked and tendered properly and water almost dried and spices mixed together add yogurt into it.
  • Sauted the yogurt with ojri mixture for 10 minutes, thick curry is ready to serve
  • Enjoy !




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