Cameroon – Roasted Plantains and Boiled Plum or Roasted Plum

By Verdzekov Bernard

The preparation of Roasted plantains and boiled plum is quite an easy meal. Very easy. this meal is valued in Cameroon by the locals and by some of the rich people even. This meal is best during the raining seasoning. Plum is a seasonal food. it bares during the raining season. So during this time, many people roast and boil plum. Plum could be eating with bread, bobolo, cassava and roasted corn as well. For plantains, it grows as you bare it and how fertile the soil is. Plantains get matured in any season. But, plantains is best planted during the raining season, when the soil is moist and wet.

Most people don’t know this. But it is common in Cameroon. it is cheap during the harvest and expensive when scares. As usual. Some eat this as a main dish in their homes. It is deep rooted, and we love it. I will like you to try it. The preparation of roasted plantain and boiled or roasted plum can be seen below. 


  • Charcoal
  • Roasting stray or pan.
  • Plantains. Ripe or unripe. (ripe plantains or half ripe is best)
  • Plum


  • Prepare your roasting. Put charcoal in it and lite it up. Fan the charcoal until it is all hot. 
  • Neatly peel of your plantains.
  • Wash your plum. 
  • You may roast all at once. That is the plantains and the plum. 
  • When ready remove and serve.


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