Pakistan – Desi Lassi

By Arbaz Khan


Lassi is a creamy yogurt drink originated in Punjab from Indian subcontinent. Lassi is a very popular traditional drink among desis (Punjab people) because of its refreshing taste. It is taken with breakfast and lunch to cool the effect of hot summer. Lassi has spread from Punjab to different areas like Rajasthan and Gujarat etc. Lassi is a blend of yogurt, water, spices and sometimes fruit. There are many new varieties of lassi such as mango lassi, bhang lassi, lychee lassi, guava lassi and many more. Plain sugar lassi is most common and popular among Punjabi people. Lassi is like a milkshake. Traditionally lassi is served in a handle less glass called a kulhar and extra dahi (yogurt) is added on the top of kulhar (handle less glass) before serving.


  • Mango lassi (made by blending water, yogurt, mango or mango flavor)
  • Plain sweet lassi (made by blending water, yogurt, and sugar)
  • Salted lassi (made by blending water, yogurt, salt and spices)
  • Chocolate lassi (made by blending water, yogurt, chocolate syrup)
  • Mint lassi (made by blending water, yogurt, mint leaves and spices)
  • Caramel lassi (made by blending caramel, water and yogurt)
  • Strawberry lassi (made by blending water, yogurt and strawberries)


  • Lassi contains a lot of calcium which helps strengthen bones and teeth.
  • Lassi also contains protein which helps in making muscles strong.
  • Lassi helps in proper function of digestive system.
  • Lassi is a refreshing drink specially in summer.
  • Lassi also lowers blood pressure in body.


  • Yogurt = 500 gram
  • Milk = 1 glass
  • Water = 2 glass
  • Ice = 8 cubes
  • Sugar = as required


  • Yogurt = 500 gram
  • Milk = 1 glass
  • Water = 2 glass
  • Ice = 8 cubes
  • Crushed cumin seeds = 1 tablespoon
  • Salt = as required


Take a blender and add all the ingredients in the blender jar and blend it.
After blending take out the blender jar and pour the mixture in the handle less glass called kulhar.
Add some yogurt or cream on the top of kulhar as topping and serve.

NOTE: if you want to make mango lassi just add some mango pieces before blending.

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