Pakistan, India – Traditional Rara Mutton Gravy

by Usama Tariq

Introduction About Dish

Rara Mutton is one of the special dishes of Pakistan and it is originated from the Indian Subcontinent which comes from Lucknow, a city of India and the capital of Lucknow is Utter Pardesh which is the Northern part of country India. Rara Mutton includes the pieces of mutton meat and the mixed minced mutton which made a most delicious dish called “Rara Mutton”. Mutton,  Because of the main component of the cuisine it has a lot of benefits from the aspect of nutritional value. In Pakistan, Rara Mutton is the most favorite dish of people especially in Punjab. Punjab is the main province of Pakistan and its people are called Punjabi people. Punjabi people are very serious about food and they really love the desi foods, they are also famous for eating and cooking of “Desi Cuisine” Mutton Rara is also the part of desi food. Rara mutton consists of Mutton mixed Boti (pieces) and mixed Mutton minced with some part of gravy which is made up of some ingredients and spices. Several people in Pakistan and India made this dish with broth and many of them were made only with gravy, both are delicious. In Pakistan, there are many people including students and Job holders who are hospitalized and don’t eat desi food as they ate in their own house, but in the streets of Pakistan there are many desi foods are available, Rara Mutton is one of them. So they can enjoy the taste of Rara Mutton. It is also available at many restaurants and hotels. By following or tracing my recipe you can easily cook the Rara Mutton at your own home.


As I said that the Rara Mutton is first rooted in the Indian Subcontinent in the 19th century. The Northern part of India is called Utter Pardesh which is the capital of Lucknow, which is famous for non-vegetarian cuisines. Rara mutton is also for those who never loved vegetarian dishes and eat only meat-based dish which can be Chicken meat, Mutton meat, Beef meat, etc. Some people are spicy food lovers, for your information you can make Rara Mutton as a spicy dish by adding more quantity of red chili powder and while spice powder and some other related spices.


From the earlier times, the era of the Mughalai Government there is the family called the Nawab family, which is the cast of many people in Pakistan and Asia. Once upon a time, the Nawabs arranged a grand party for their people and some other guests. Since the chefs of the Nawab family are also famous for their cuisines and their taste. The chefs knew about how to make mutton gravy but they adding something new to this dish. They combine Mutton pieces with the mixed minced Mutton with some gravy and for the final touch for the dish sprinkle fresh coriander and julienne cut ginger. Once they are prepared this dish they serve hot in front of party members and they have also loved that dish very much and positively give some feedback. Hence, from the first made, it is the most famous and most loved dish in Asian cuisines, especially in Pakistan and India.

Meaning of Name

Rara Mutton is a special name which has two Portions the one is ‘Rara’ and the other is ‘Mutton’. You all are known about Mutton (meat of goat). But the Rara is a rare and special one. When I starting research about Rara Mutton, I wonder about some new information about this dish. As I said about the history of Rara Mutton that it comes from Nawab Family, During the cooking of Rara Mutton, the chefs of Nawab Family was trying to adding in  Mutton gravy something new which is minced mutton when they add it and mixed it properly then they suddenly said “Are a ra ra….” which means “Uff oh” and then they named this dish is Rara Mutton. You can be called it from both names the one is Rara Mutton and the other is Mutton Rara both are the same meanings.

Nutritional Aspects

  • Calories: 390 kcal
  • Fat: 20.7 g (32%)
  • Proteins: 9.7 g (19%)
  • Serving: 6 to 8 pieces

Time Required



  • Ghee 1/3 Cup
  • Mutton mix boti ½ kg
  •  (Ginger) crushed 1 tbs
  •  (Garlic) crushed 1 tbs
  •  (Green cardamom) 3
  •  (Black peppercorns) 5-6
  •  (Cloves) 3-4
  •  (Mace) 1 blade
  •  (Cinnamon stick) 1
  •  (Black cardamom) 1
  •  (Bay leaf) 1
  •  (Onion) sliced 2 large
  •  (Tomatoes) chopped 3 large
  •  (Coriander powder) 2 tsp
  •  (Kashmiri red chili) powder 2 tsp
  •  (Red chili powder) 2 tsp or to taste
  •  (Turmeric powder) ½ tsp
  •  (Salt) 1 & ½ tsp or to taste
  •  (Cumin seeds) roasted & crushed ½ tbs
  • -Dahi (Yogurt) whisked ½ Cup
  •  (Mince) 250g
  • Water 1 & ½ Cup or as required
  •  (Fresh coriander) chopped

Cooking Method

  • Take a deep wok place on the stove at low flame.
  • Add ghee let it melt, then mutton mix boti (pieces) and mix it well until color turns to change.
  • Then add crushed ginger garlic paste and again mix it well and cook for approximately 2 to 3 minutes on low flame.
  • Then add green cardamom, black peppercorns, cloves, mace, cinnamon stick, black cardamom, and one bay leaf in the wok and mix it well.
  • Now add sliced onion in mutton and leave it for frying or sauté until sliced onions seem translucent.
  • Let’s add chopped tomatoes and again give a good mix.
  • Now add spices that are mentioned in ingredients one by one, add coriander powder, Kashmiri red chili powder, red chili powder, turmeric powder, salt to taste, roasted and crushed cumin seeds in the wok.
  • Let’s give a good stir and mix and cook it at medium-low flame or until oil separates for approximately 5 to 6 minutes.
  • Then add whisked yogurt and cook for two to three minutes and mix it well.
  • Now add mixed mutton mince into the wok and again stir it well.
  • Then add 2 cups of water or as required into the wok and mix well.
  • Let’s cover the deep wok and give it a simmer cook on low flame for 30 to 35 minutes or until the meat is tender.
  • After that uncover it and let the flame level high and cook on high flame for 4 to 5 minutes or until oil will separate.
  • Your special Rara Mutton is about to ready.

  • Dish out all the gravy into the bowl and garnish it with chopped fresh coriander.
  • Your dish is ready to serve.
  • Enjoy your meal.


As we know that Rara Mutton is a non-vegetarian dish and the main course of cuisine, it can be served hot at the dinner table. Yes, it is the type of dish that can eat either at lunch and dinner. Serve this special dish with Nan, hot chapatis and with Raita (mint yogurt), and some extra salad which is made up of washed onions, cucumber, and some other salad vegetables, etc. in front of your family, guests, friends or your loved ones and I am pretty sure that they return the feedback positively. Enjoy the recipe.

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