Pakistan – Lahori Mixed Pickles

By Ak Games76


Pickles are a dish which is most famous in Asia. Pickles have very sour taste. We can eat them alone or with some dish. Mostly people eat pickles with something like rice etc. In Asia pickles are mostly used in India and Pakistan. Pickles are originated from Asia. The base of Pickles are mango. We can eat pickles with almost everything and this is the reason they are most famous.


  • Oil = 2 kilogram
  • Unripe Mango = 5 kilogram
  • Lemon = 1 kilogram
  • Crushed Red Chili = 125 gram
  • Custody = 65 gram
  • Salt = 250 gram
  • Black Cumin = 65 gram
  • Fenugreek Seeds = 125 gram
  • Aniseed = 250 gram
  • Wild Mustard = 125 gram
  • Black Pepper = 65 gram
  • Cumin Seeds = 65 gram
  • Coriander = 125 gram
  • Rolled Red Chili = 65 gram


Chop everything except mango and lemon. Wash the mangoes and cut into big slices. Now take a big bucket and add the given amount of oil in it. Add chopped stuff in it and mix it. Now add slices of mango in the bucket and again mix it. Close the bucket with its cap and put the bucket under sunlight for at least three days. After three days Lahori Mixed Pickles are ready.


Serve Lahori Mixed Pickles with any dish. You and mix pickles in rice and enjoy or you can enjoy its sour taste separately if you like.

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