Pakistan – Namkeen Gosht

by Binyamin Shahzd


When we talk about the recipe Namkeen Gosht then We come to know that the meaning of word Namkeen is salted and Gosht means Meat. Namkeen Gosht is a meat delight hailing from Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (Pakistan) and its adjoining regions are Afghanistan and Central Asia. In the early days namkeen Gosht was mostly popular and favorite dish of the mountain people. Now days in the city of Lahore and its surrounding areas, meat is king at meal times. “The consumption of meat was associated with strength and valour. It was considered that environmental essences contained in the soil were transferred from plants and then into herbivores, which in turn were eaten by carnivores. Each transfer created a more powerful distillation of essences. Meat was thus the most intense of foods.” This dish is believed to be the ancestor of the Karahi gosht.

Traditional foods

The recipe which I have decided to share today is Namkeen gosht. Namkeen Gosht is local cuisine of Lahore. Namkeen gosht is famous dish in Pakistan. Namkeen gosht is served with naan, or Chapatti and dahi ki chatni (yogurt sauce). It’s a mouthwatering dish that’s why I have decided to share this recipe with you. This recipe is made of Goat meat, muttin as it is also known, is the most commonly consumed meat in the world. Apart from its unique taste mutton also has a range of health benefits to offer. Goats are ruminants, so their meat is a good source of conjugated Linoleic acid (CLA) a fatty acid that may help prevent cancer and other inflammatory conditions. So I suggest you to prepare this delicious dish at your own home with the help of my recipe which I have mentioned below in detail:-


  1. Mutton 500 grams
  2. Salt 1tbsp
  3. Oil ½ cup
  4. Ginger paste ½ tsp
  5. Garlic Paste ½ tsp
  6. Black Pepper powder ½ tsp
  7. Tomatoes 3 chopped
  8. Cumin ½ tsp
  9. Yogurt ½ cup
  10. Water 1 liter
  11. Green chili Paste ½ tsp
  12. Green Coriander
  13. chopped ginger for garnishing


First of all wash the Mutton
Then take a hot pan put oil in it and put it on flame.
Then put ginger paste, Garlic Paste, cumin, mutton and salt.
Then cook it for 2-3 minutes
Then boil for 17-20 minutes
After 17-20 minutes add tomato, water and wait for 25-30 minutes
After 25-30 minutes add green chili, black peppr powder and yogurt then wait for 5 minutes.
After 5 minutes turn off flame and garnish with chopped and pieces of green chili
Namkeen Gosht is ready
Serve it with Naan, Chappati and Raita

Namkeen Gosht

Now the tasty Namkeen Gosht is ready. You can serve it with raita. Here is given below the picture of Nameekn Gosht so let’s enjoy this with your family:-

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