Singapore, Malaysia – Mee Siam

by Shehroz Gill

As we know that Singaporeans usually eat noodles and rice in their every meal so this dish which is called ” MEE SIAM “ is also based on “NOODLES’ and “RICE”. Mee Siam is famous due to its ingredients. It is not only famous in Singapore but also in Malaysia due to its taste and type of food. The food of Malaysia and Singapore are almost the same because they use the same kind of stuff for their food and their tastes are also the same almost. This is very sour, spicy, sweet, and different kinds of stuff. Most people of Malaysia and Singapore like spicy food and they use soy sauce in it to make it in a very special way. This dish is also very tasty and especially for those who like spicy and sour food. The main ingredients of this dish are rice and noodles and they are also called “vermicelli”. The other ingredients and sauces are up to you but keep in mind that this dish is sour and spicy so you should use that kind of spices that made it sour. You can garnish it with different kinds of stuff that makes it beautiful and tasty as well. There are two kinds of Mee siam is present in Singapore like

  • Dry Mee siam
  • Gravy Mee siam

You can use soybeans, shrimps, tamarind. Shrimps can also play a vital role in this dish but are not compulsory. You can use frozen shrimp or fried shrimp in your Mee siam. To avoid sticking to the shrimp, bring to a boil and cook for few minutes until they are pink and soft. Use lifting plates or cut poles to lift and transfer to a cooling bowl immediately. When cool to the touch, remove the shells. Sit on the side bring a large jug of saltwater to your stomach. The most popular single meal in Singapore and Malaysia is usually eaten during Ramadan. Mee Siam is made by mixing a little jojoba sauce with rice noodles. Beans and soybeans are added to the fry. It is then served with a cake and some spicy bread, which includes chopped eggs, fried lentils, half a lemon, and some onions. It is said that Mee Siam came from Thai food.


This dish is originated from MALAYSIA. Most people said this dish is originated from Malay community.


This dish is first cooked by Terence Cao. He started his business with his friends who named as Dawn Yeoh, Shane Pow and Vincent.


Dry Mee siam is the dish which is not in gravy form, it is actually present in dry form and have not any gravy in it.


Grvay Mee siam is in gravy form, noodles in soft and gravy form which is consumed by having water and sauces in it.


  • rice 1 kg
  • noodles half kg
  • onions 3
  • garlic 1 tbs
  • ginger 1 tbs
  • salt 2 tbs
  • vinegar 2 tbs
  • soy sauce 3 tbs
  • chili sauce 1 tbs
  • shrimps
  • tomatoes 2
  • yellow beans
  • tamarind 2 tbs
  • sugar 1 tbs
  • oil
  • eggs 2


  • Take a pan and add oil to it.
  • Add onions in it and fry them until their color changes to brown.
  • Add shrimps in it and fry them more.
  • Add paste of ginger and garlic in it.
  • Now put rice in it with noodles and leave it by adding water.
  • On the other hand, take a pan and add oil to it for making masala.
  • add all the spices to the oil and leave it for few minutes.
  • Add oil and water to it so it must change to the gravy.
  • If you want it in dry form then don’t add water to it.
  • Combine all the things together and your dish is ready.


  • For serving you can garnish it with boiled eggs.
  • Different kind of sauces.
  • Boiled vegetables.


  • Tomato ketchup
  • tamarind sauce
  • Chili sauce
  • Soy sauce
  • Mayonnaise
  • Butter
  • jojoba sauce
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