Angola – Cocada Amarela

by Mimi Joseph

Saying Cocada Amarela, doesn’t spot just a cuisine but a coconut-egg yolks cuisine from Angola. Coconut as a dessert fruit, it serves many from thirst proving unique cool self made juice. Apart from juice it has a whitish hard paste that can be chewed like a bite, yet it can do more wonders that being just a bite-like.

Cocada Amarela are of various types from the flavors added in, yet the coconut taste will never forget it’s taste way.

The best thing about this cuisine is that even the prepared types varies with preparation methods, although being originates from the same Portuguese culture.

Coconut is also taken as a part to fully give a better taste from many foods especially vegetables, the same way to eggs that works best as they are own when either boiled, cooked or fried. From Angola let us make another useful of coconut and egg yolks to result the Cocada Amarela cuisine.

Things to prepare

  • 2 Coconut
  • 6 Egg yolks
  • 1 small cup of sugar
  • Cloves (3 pieces)
  • Clean water
  • Salt


  • Boil water about 2-3 sized cups, add in cloves and sugar, stir and mix well to dissolve sugar.
  • Lower heat to moderate level and keep boil for at least 15 minutes, making a sugar paste.
  • Take off cloves to remain with clean sugar solution, add it with the coconut (grated)and mix.
  • Put back into heat at the same moderate level for another 12 minutes of boiling
  • Beat up the eggs with a little amount of salt just for taste until lightened in color.
  • Take some coconut mix into the eggs and stir slowly until well mixed, then remix with the remaining coconut mix.
  • Lower heat and keep on cooking for 6 minutes less, stir it until it becomes smooth and thickened.
  • This is the stage to add some flavors of your likes, apart from that our cuisine is ready fro meal.

Serve it warm or cool in either coconut shells or small cone bowls, enjoy the meal with friends and family.

Cocada Amarela
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