Angola – Chikuanga

by Mimi Joseph

Chikuanga is one among the loved Angolan cuisines from cassava plant. Taking street survey in Angola you will get into eye sight with these delicious boiled snacks, dare taste Chikuanga and your buds will tell it all for the lifetime.

Cassava plant is a perennial woody shrub with an edible root, which grows in tropical and subtropical areas of the world, yet Angola being among of them.

In Angola Cassava is used in Making Funge, Farofa, stiff porridge and many more. Today we will work on about this Chikuanga recipe, Welcome.


There are sort of things to prepare, yet only two!, yes only two are the main ones;

  • Cassava, depending on the number of people. (We will take 3 for this recipe)
  • Clean water.
  • Salt.
  • Peel off both Cassava.
  • Soak for two days or more but not than five days. The more you soak, the more they soften.

Cooking steps

  • Take Cassava and remove the middle tubers, using mortar & pestle pound until soft paste is observed.
  • Take into a big pan, add 1.5 liters of water, remove suspended tubers to leave a clean cloudy substance.
  • It’s quite right that the cloudy substance remained must settle with cassava flour, remove excess top water to remain with the heavy cloudy substance. You may add salt.
  • Boil it until no water remains and it’s malleable.
  • Kneading to make a smooth manioc texture.
  • Using your palms, start to make long tubular shapes from the manioc prepared.
  • Using cassava leaves, wrap them to ensure no water can pass along. (see picture)
  • Boil them for more than two hours, until golden/light brown color noticed.
  • Take off heat, wait until they are cool, serve for meal.

Unwrap and chop into small pieces easy for eating comfortably. Here in Angola, these is how we accomplish the taste of this cuisine;

Chikuanga with meat roast
Chikuanga with Fish recipe
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