Zimbabwe – Coconut Rice

by Bob Huyu

Coconut rice is among the most cooked foods during cerebration times in Zimbabwe, most of the chidrens feel very happy once they smell rice, coconut rice.

Well coconut rice may be easy and taste food, but all may go wrong once you fail to flow with the styles in about cooking it and result into a watery porridge rice like.

Let us prepare this rice from Zimbabwe, welcome.

We need the followings

  • 1kg of rice
  • 2 packets of coconit
  • water
  • salt


  • Wash rice and filter off water.
  • Take cooking pan and heat it up, add oil and grinned garlic, fry.

You may boil water, add coconut and use it to cook rice, if frying it may be difficult for you.

keep on with the fifth step to over.

  • Add rice and salt, keep fry for 3-4 minutes more.
  • Add water and coconut together while stirring.
  • Boil for 8-10 minutes, remember to lower heat level around the 6th minute.
  • Notice water dried, take off food ready for meal.
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