Zimbabwe – Dovi. Peanut Butter Rice

by Verdzekov Bernard

Sometimes you may have eating a lot of cornflakes, and many less spicy meals. That is because you don’t have time. Work takes most of you. When you have time to cook something for yourself, something spicy, something tasteful, what are you going to go in for. If you are too busy that it doesn’t permit you to cook, but that you want to still give it a try, and maybe something less time draining but delicious, I will love that you go in for Dovi. Oh yes, Dovi. This is a delicious Zimbabwean meal. This is made from peanut rice and some stew. The traditional name to this Peanut butter Rice is called Dovi. Zimbabwe also stands out as one of the African countries that prepare delicious meals. To prepare Dovi, follow guide below;


  • 2 cups of rice
  • Salt to taste
  • 4 table spoon peanut butter
  • For your tomatoes sauce. The stew serves here as an accompaniment. 
  • 4 Onions
  • 10 Tomatoes 
  • Vegetable oil 
  • Salt to taste 
  • Meat
  • Tin tomatoes
  • Maggi 
  • Fresh meat 


  • I will love you prepare your stew first before the rice. This is if you want to serve hot. But normally, some cooking Ethics I learned in school is that, cook what will take more time first, cook what is more difficult first.
  • So, preparing your stew, slice your onions and tomatoes, blend some of the tomatoes and onions then keep the rest aside.
  • Slice your meat, wash well and boil with some chopped onions. 20-25min. 
  • Heat up your oil, start by frying your unblended onions and tomatoes until translucent, add your blend tomatoes and onions stir well. Make sure you are stirring so as to prevent burns. Add your tin tomatoes, stir well. 
  • Add your meat stock stir well. 
  • Add your meat, maggi and salt to taste. Stir well. If too thick add some water, stir well. Allow for about 15min. Your stew is ready.
  • Wash your rice.
  • Put your pot on the gas with water. Bring the water to a boil. 
  • Add in your rice, allow it to boil. 
  • You have to note that, it is not advisable to put water and rice at same time and bring to a boil. Your rice may get too soft.
  • When your rice has boiled, allow it to cool a little, then you add your peanut butter, and then mix well.
  • Or better still, during the boiling process of the rice, open pot and add your peanut butter, then mix well, then cover pot and allow rice to boil until fully ready. This should take approximately 20-25min.
  • Serve with your tomatoes sauce.

Enjoy… Bringing to you the best of African cuisines.

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