Tanzania – Tanzanian Traditional Porridge

By Robert Christopher

In almost all parts of Tanzania, this kind of porridge is prepared, even though it originates from Northern part of the country were Kurya and Sukuma people used it to nourish children’s health or keeping older people strong.

Blended juices and ice creams have brought challenge to this dish as many older people do like fruit juices and children’s lay love to ice creams. Nevertheless challenge faced, this food still hold it’s famous and profits. Let us prepare the cuisine.


  • 1kg of sorghum
  • 1/2 kg of wheat
  • 1/2kg of rice
  • 1kg of yellow maize
  • grind together all the ingredients

Cooking procedures

  • Boil water into a cooking pan about a half a pan. (use the exact pan for number of people)
  • While waiting for water to boil, take a sauce and mix 4 full tea spoon of flour with water. (4 people)
  • Add the mixed flour into the boiling water while stirring. (never stop stirring up to when porridge
  • starts to boil)
  • Add sugar. (Lemon, margarine or any flavour depends on ones choise)
  • Boil the porridge for 20-25 minutes. This ensure that the ingredients are cooked well. Enjoy.

Take this meal with

chappati and chicken roast

Fried sweet potatoes

Take as it is

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