Africa – African Cabbage Stew

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Cabbage is among the green vegetable cultivated in South Africa. It is known for its significance to clear cancer cells in most of the body parts.

This cabbage stew is almost prepared in Africa continent, since it is easy to make and the resources are easy to find.

Cabbage stew is delicious with rice, ried rice, potatoes, porridge, meat roast and any of ones favour. Duration of preparation is almost 15 minutes depending on the situation of a person who prepares it.

Prepare one Cabbege, 2 Carrots, Green pepper, Bulb onion, oil, salt and vegetable Masala.

Cooking steps

  • Clean carrot and cut into small boxes, put in a plate.
  • Take onion and wash it then cut it into small pieces.
  • Clean green pepper and cut into small long pieces.
  • Wash cabbage, clean it and cut into small cubed shaped pieces, make sure you maintain the shape ratio as this will make it look attractive.
  • Take frying pan and put on cooker, turn on heat with moderate heat level.
  • Add oil in it, approximately to three to four tea spoons, and wait for it to get warm. (30-40 seconds)
  • Add cabbage in it and start to fry it, keep stir so that it won’t burn. (2-3 minutes)
  • Add masala one tea spoon.
  • Add salt, onions, carrots and green pepper all together, keep fry. (5-6 minutes)
  • Let the soup it makes by itself boil it for more few minutes. (2-3 minutes)
  • Our cusine is ready for lunch or dinner, enjoy.
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