Cameroon – Nsanka Corn Soup With Sugar

by Joella Eve

Corn soup with sugar is a local cuisine that is made up of fresh corn, ngweng leaves, also known as cassava leaves and sugar. These three different things combine together to give what is called Nsanka. Nsanka corn soup with sugar has an extensive sweat taste. Though the use of the cassava leaves which are bitter leaves may give the food a bitter taste, but with the use of the fresh corn and sugar, it overshadows the bitter cassava leaves to make it taste sweat. The bitter cassava leaves are not really bitter, they are slightly bitter reason why the use of sugar in particular overshadows the bitterness to make it taste sweat instead, and actually the food is really sweat. Nsanka corn soup with sugar is a local cuisine prepared by the people of the center region, precisely the Ewondos in Cameroon. They are particularly known for their love for sweat food and sweat things in general.

Cooking method

Nsanka corn soup with sugar is being cooked by boiling. It is one of the easiest methods in cooking food, boiling.

Cooking Ingredients

  1. Buy or harvest cassava leaves from the farm
  2. A bucket of fresh corn
  3. Some cubes of sugar
  4. A little bit of red oil. The amount of red oil to be used should really be small in quantity
  5. Salt for additional taste

Cooking process

  1. Since you are going to use Cassava leaves, wash the cassava leaves,
  2. Washing the leaves should not be a difficult task. Though the cassava leaves are large in size, it will still not be difficult to wash.
  3. Do not cut the leaves. Instead of cutting the leaves, pounding should be the next thing to do.
  4. Get a pistle and a mortar to pound the leaves, for you cannot grind the leaves, you just have to pound it.
  5. Using the mortar and the pistle, pound the cassava leaves diligently so as to pound it well and make it become soft rather than stay strong. This exercise demands much energy and time. This is the part of cooking this local cuisine that seems hard. Depending on the quantity of cassava leaves you have, you can pound it for a period of thirty minutes.
  6. Pounding the cassava leaves demands time and energy, but when you are through with the pounding, squeeze the water from the cassava leaves and remain only with the pounded cassava leaves,
  7. While pounding the cassava leaves, boil the fresh corn. Before boiling the fresh corn, make sure to wash it first.
  8. The fresh corn can stay on fire for about forty minutes. When it is ready, remove from fire.
  9. Putting the pot on fire, put the fresh corn and the pounded cassava leaves in the pot.
  10. Just a little bit of red oil is necessary.
  11. Next to this salt.
  12. Allow the food on fire.
  13. It takes twenty minutes on fire.
  14. As for the use of the sugar, it is being put in the food depending on each person. You can decide to put a cube of sugar or more than a cube of sugar.
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