Cameroon – Chicken Green Soup

by Wirba Brice Divine Ransinyuy

Chicken green soup is a soup made most of chicken. Like in many cases of cooking chicken with soup and sauce, the chicken is generally being cut in many portions. In this case, the chicken will not be cut in many portions, but a just some few parts. This make the chicken parts to look big as compared to the normal times. This is a kind of tradition that has been followed for decades now and cannot be stopped just like that. It has to continue in this path. This tradition has to be kept for two reasons. Firstly because the size of the chicken has to be big and secondly because the greens that has been used to cooked the green soup is not found everywhere. This has been lived and sees no prospect of it coming to an end anytime soon. Chicken green soup is being prepared in the region of Baku in the West of Cameroon.

Cooking method

The cooking method of chicken green soup is frying of the chicken and the green soup also.

Cooking Ingredients

  1. One chicken to be cooked.
  2. Jeme Green leaves.
  3. Fresh Onions
  4. Fresh garlics and ginger
  5. Two cups of groundnut to be used in frying the green soup
  6. A cup of groundnut oil
  7. A pinch of salt to make the food very tasty.
  8. Leeks to boil the chicken.
  9. Maggi to make the food tasty.

Cooking process

  1. The first thing to start with is the groundnut. You can either decide to boil the groundnut before grinding it or you fry the groundnut then you grind it. The most used method is the boiling of the groundnut then the grinding. So you should go in for this one.
  2. After grinding the groundnut, prepare the Jeme Green leaves.
  3. Clean the Jeme green leaves, the cut it in small parts.
  4. After this wash the Jeme leaves again, then you boil it.
  5. After boiling it, keep it in a clean environment.
  6. Remove the peelings of the garlics and the ginger.
  7. After removing the peelings of the garlics and the ginger, grind the ginger and the garlics together in the grinding machine.
  8. Wash the chicken and cut it in big parts, then boil the chicken using leeks. The leeks will give it some good scents.
  9. After boiling the chicken fry then the chicken. Use groundnut oil so as to fry the chicken. Frying the chicken will not be hard since it has already being boiled before.
  10. Put groundnut oil in a clean on fire.
  11. Immediately after putting the groundnut oil on fire, put the garlics and the ginger in the pot.
  12. This should be followed by the chicken, then the Jeme leaves.
  13. Pour half cup of water in the pot and close the pot.
  14. Slice the onions and put in the food.
  15. Close the pot for a maximum of five minutes.

Good Appetite!

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