Cameroon – Fried Chicken With White Beans

by Wirba Brice Divine Ransinyuy

It may sound surprising to eat fried chicken with white beans, but when it comes to food, there should actually be no surprises. So mixing fried chicken with white beans is actually a very good mixture in terms of nutrients and also in terms of taste. To say it all, fried chicken with white beans is a healthy meal. Fried chicken has the taste and odor of fried fish. The white beans is soft in the mouth and easy to swallow. The white beans is very sweat in the mouth as it is easy to chew. Even babies can also chew the white beans. The beans might be a little soft for the babies to chew but the fried chicken yes, it will actually be hard for them to eat. Fried chicken with white beans is cooked in the Mbam Lekie division in Cameroon.

Cooking method

The cooking method used in cooking fried chicken is frying and the method used in cooking white beans is stewing.

Cooking Ingredients

  1. One quarter chicken
  2. Five cups of white chicken.
  3. A handful of green beans.
  4. Two onions
  5. Three tomatoes.
  6. Green stems
  7. A spoon of salt
  8. Two cubes of maggi
  9. Leeks to boil the one quarter chicken

Cooking process

  1. Wash the one quarter chicken.
  2. Cut the one quarter chicken in small parts.
  3. After cutting the quarter chicken into small portions as desired, use the leeks to boil it so as to give it a different taste and smell.
  4. The boiling of the chicken takes a period of forty five minutes. It can still go up to forty minutes. Depending on how soft you want the chicken should be, you should boil between thirty minutes and forty minutes.
  5. You could still boil the chicken without necessarily boiling it, but at times, it is preferable to boil it as most people do when they want to fry chicken.
  6. After boiling the chicken, you could then fry the chicken.
  7. In the meantime, begin boiling the white. To boil the white beans, it does not take so much time. At most thirty minutes is enough to boil the white beans.
  8. Remove the beans from fire, then wash the beans with normal temperature of water so as to remove the dirty water from the white. The dirty water is the boiled water.
  9. After boiling the white beans, begin preparing the ingredients necessary for the stewing.
  10. Begin with the tomatoes, the onions and the green beans and green stems.
  11. Slice the tomatoes, the onions and the green beans and green stems.
  12. Pour groundnut oil in a pot and put on fire.
  13. Wait for the groundnut oil to become hot.
  14. Wait it becomes hot, pour the species into the groundnut oil, which is the tomatoes, onions, green beans and green stems.
  15. Then after this, pour the boiled white beans in the steaming species, mix them together putting salt and maggi so as to make it taste.
  16. The food is to stay for fifteen minutes on fire.
  17. Within fifteen minutes on stay on fire, your food is ready.

Good Appetite!

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