Cameroon – Viande Pimenté à la Tomate

by Wirba Brice Divine Ransinyuy

Viande pimenté à la tomate is a local dish highly dense in the form of hotness. Hotness in the sense that it is very appealing in the mouth. Appealing in the mouth in that it is very hot when eating. This is the specialty about this food. It is very hot when you start eating, from the start till you finish eating the viande pimenté à la tomate. Viande pimenté is often cooked during specialties like enjoyment parties where there will continuous flow of alcohol from evening to dawn. The fun in drinking alcohol is that, to be able to drink it the more, you need an excitant and the excitant here is no other than Viande pimenté à la tomate. Viande pimenté is a food movement taking place in Metropolitan cities, particularly Douala and Yaounde, where there is high state of living and enjoyment.

Cooking Ingredients

  1. Half kilo of dry meat
  2. Half kilo of red pepper.
  3. Five fresh tomatoes
  4. Half litre of groundnut oil
  5. Maggi and salt.
  6. One fresh onions
  7. Percil

Cooking process

There is no need for you to boil the meat since it has already been dried. There is still no need of washing it since it has already been dried. You will just have to cook it in that manner, which is the dried appearance and manner of the meat. The cooking process is as follow.

  1. Wash the red pepper. After washing the red pepper, grind it to be dry. Do not grind it with water. Grind it without water.
  2. Wash the tomatoes, then grind it. When grinding the tomatoes, make sure to use a little of water.
  3. Wash the onions and grind it when grinding the tomato. Also grind the percil along the tomatoes, onions. Make sure to wash the percil before grinding it.
  4. Pour groundnut oil in the pot.
  5. Do not wait for it to become hot or whatsoever. Immediately as you put the groundnut oil on fire, Pour in the pot the grinded tomatoes, onions and percil and close your pot with a pot lid for about five minutes.
  6. After five minutes of stay on fire, put the dry meat in the pot followed by the grinded red pepper, which turns out to be the most important ingredient in the food you are preparing.
  7. Allow the food on fire for about five minutes.
  8. After five minutes of stay on fire, your food is ready.

Enjoy your Viande pimento à la tomate. Make sure to have a bottle of wine or alcohol when eating so as to ease your food and make it more delicious.

Good Appetite!

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