Cameroon – Garvi Soup With White Garri

by Wirba Brice Divine Ransinyuy

Garvi soup is a soup made of from an animal that lives in the forest and is being tamed in the natural inhabitant eating natural food as a source of feeding. The meat from the animal is being used to prepare what is called swine soup. The taste of this meat is very bushy as a result of the place the animal lives. It is very gorgeous at the same hard to chew. People around this location prefer eating such type of meat than meat that comes from the urban areas. For them, they believe it is highly infected and is being taken care of using chemicals that are toxic to the human body and system in general. So most often they prepare what is called Garvi soup so as to enjoy their locally hunt meat to enjoy in a peace of mind and heart. Garvi soup with white garri is a food densely and highly prepared in the South region of Cameroon.

Cooking Method

Garvi soup is cooked by stewing and boiling.

Cooking ingredients of Garvi Soup

  1. Half kilo of porcque pique
  2. Six fresh tomatoes.
  3. Two fresh onions
  4. Handfull of celery
  5. Handful of percil
  6. Garlics
  7. Ginger
  8. Pepper
  9. Ajina moto for added taste
  10. Salt
  11. Leeks
  12. Groundnut oil
  13. Maggi cube

Cooking process of Garvi soup

  1. Wash the porcque pique very well
  2. Cut in into smaller sizes.
  3. Once more wash the cut sizes of the porcque pique
  4. After this, boil the meat using leeks
  5. Boil the porcque pique for a period of one hour thirty minutes.
  6. After boiling the meat, prepare the other things set.
  7. Wash the tomatoes, onions, percil, and celery and chop them.
  8. Remove the peelings of the ginger and the garlics
  9. Join the ginger and garlics with with tomatoes, onions, percil, celery and pepper and grind them together.
  10. Pour into the pot, six tablespoons of groundnut oil.
  11. Pour the grind ingredients into the groundnut oil
  12. Stir the pot and put into the pot one maggi cube
  13. After this, throw the porcque pique into the pot, then the ajina moto and the salt.
  14. Pour two cups of water into the pot.
  15. Stir the pot so well and close with a lid.
  16. Allow the soup on fire for ten minutes. After ten minutes, remove from fire.

Cooking Ingredients of white Garri

The cooking ingredient of white garri is only white garri.

Cooking process of white of white garri

  1. Boil water for about twenty minutes. Make sure the water boils well to a very high degree.
  2. After boiling the water and noticing it is also very hot, throw into the pot, the garri. With the use of a turning stick, begin to stir the garri to stir and turn the garri on fire. When you notice it has become hard in form, it shows that the garri is ready
  3.  Wrap the garri into round balls if you want to design it, if not eat it the way it is cooked in the pot in its roughness.
  4. To wrap it, simply use your two hands and turn it around till it becomes round in shape and form.

Enjoy your Meal!

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