Cameroon – Wrap Maize Lili Fufu With Tomato Sauce

by Djougwa Kouemo Patricia

Today’s local cuisine is Wrap lili fufu with tomato sauce a food dish that is very high in consumption in this area. What is particular about this meal is the way the fufu is being preserved. The fufu is being preserved in the most natural manner possible. This is a tradition upheld by the people of Bangola. They believe that by wrapping their fufu using plantain leaves will make the fufu to be more sweat and delicious as in this manner and condition, the fufu can stay longer without the necessity of preserving it in the fridge to avoid it from getting bad. Keeping the fufu in the plantain leaves can make it last much longer, for up to two days without it losing its taste or odour. The taste and odour are being maintained and preserved. The preservation method used to preserve and keep the fufu is keeping it in a clean pot and placing it on the ground. Wrap maize lili fufu with tomato sauce is a meal seeing its origin from Bangola village in the Ndop locality.

Cooking method

The cooking method used in cooking wrap maize lili fufu with tomato sauce is boiling and stewing respectively. In this meal, there are two components of different portions of food that works out to make a meal.

Cooking Ingredients

  1. Five cups of raw maize
  2. Three Plantain leaves
  3. A bowl of ripe fresh tomatoes
  4. Onions
  5. A cup of celery and also a cup of percil
  6. Get half kilo of meat
  7. Get half bottle of groundnut oil.
  8. Maggi should be included in the list
  9. A little bit of red pepper.
  10. Ginger if you want to use it. It is not compulsory to use ginger. But you can still use it

Cooking process

  1. Select the bad maize grains from the good ones. Use only the good maize grains
  2. Grind the maize so that it become flour
  3. Put water on fire
  4. Wait for the water to boil so well at 30 degree Celsius is good.
  5. When the water is hot enough, remove some water and put in a clean cup.
  6. Put some maize flour in the hot water.
  7. Wait for a period of one minute.
  8. Begin turning the maize flour in the hot boiling pot. Be careful not to harm yourself.
  9. Add more maize flour to the one already on fire and continue to turn it again.
  10. When the maize flour is about to become hard, pour water into it
  11. Turning it will make it to become like paste. When the paste forms, it means your fufu is ready.
  12. Wash the plantain leaves and warm them on fire
  13. When the fufu is ready, wrap it in the plantain leaves
  14. After, stew then tomato sauce
  15. First thing to do is to wash the tomatoes and slice, then grind it alongside the onions.
  16. Do the same thing for the percil and celery. Grind the ginger also. Wash and grind them well.
  17. Wash the meat and boil it after cutting it in smaller portions
  18. Thirdly, put groundnut oil on fire, then put the grinded ingredients in the oil.
  19. Allow the ingredients to steam, then pour the tomatoes and the meat in the steaming ingredients of celery, percil and ginger.
  20. Pour half cup of water in the stewing sauce. The given time for it to be ready is ten minutes. It can be less or more than ten minutes.

Bonne Degustation!

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